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iFour Team - September 28, 2021

The most recommended financial management software for Fintech businesses

Table of Content 1. Bill.com 2. Hubstaff 3. Google Sheets 4. Microsoft Excel 5. Zoho 6. Trello 7. Using multiple Tools 8. Conclusion Finances are the main base of any commercial business, therefore it's critical to keep a sophisticated system in place to manage and simplify financial processes. Why is it necessary? Because Financial software offers incredible features like full suite of accounting functions, financial operations tracking, automation of processes,...


iFour Team - September 27, 2021

How Association Management Software is Effective for Us?

Table of Content 1. Availability of Services 24/7 2. Creates a Personalized Membership Experience 3. Event organization 4. Information management 5. Dues and Financial Management 6. Data Security 7. Track Association Committee Members 8. Association Management Portal 9. Mobile Applications 10. Reporting Capabilities 11. Creates an Online Community 12. Final Thoughts Managing an association can be challenging if you do not have the right tools. Managers need...


Wanda Lafond - September 24, 2021

Common Data Visualization Tools Used in Business

Table of Content 1. What Is Data Visualization? 2. Why Do You Need Data Visualization? 3. Why Do You Need Data Visualization Tools? 4. Simple Data Visualization Tools 5. Advanced Data Visualization Tools 6. Conclusion Human brains process visuals 60,000 times faster than they do text, so it’s no wonder that data visualization plays such a huge role for businesses. Large amounts of data may look like gibberish, but once they are organized into something visual, they...


Hiren Shekhda - September 23, 2021

How to use Database First Approach in Asp.Net MVC to authorize OAuth 2.0 Rest Web APIs?

The REST Web API is a lightweight and critical component of web development for sharing data on several customer machines and devices, for example, mobile devices, desktop apps, or any Website. The permission of the REST Web API is also important for data sharing between multiple client machines and devices to protect the sensibility of data from all external violations and for authenticating the use of the target REST Web API. ...


Kinnari Parmar - September 23, 2021

A Detailed Guide on Angular Engine Ivy

Table of Content 1. What is Ivy? 2. Advantages of Ivy Engine in Angular 3. Concept of Ivy 4. Tree Shaking 5. Locality 6. Runtime 7. How to Enable Ivy in Angular? 8. Bundle Sizes 9. Conclusion What is Ivy? Angular Ivy is the latest compiler for angular application and also it is the pipeline of rendering and compilation of next generation. It’s highly advanced approach helps with benefits that were not available before. Being simple to use...


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