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iFour Team - April 01, 2021

Introduction to Angular CLI Builders

In this blog, we'll look at a new API in Angular CLI that allows us to add new CLI features and enhance existing ones. We'll go over how to interact with this API and what extension points we can use to extend the CLI's features. With Angular 8, the Builders API was released, and it includes the ability to override commands such as ng build, ng test, and ng lint. Not to be confused with Angular Schematics, which can be used to add custom commands to ng generate...


iFour Team - April 01, 2021

How to create Xamarin.Forms Behaviors?

Behaviors allow us to add functionalities to the UI (User Interface) controls without sub-classing them. Behaviors are written in code behind file and added to the controls. The controls are in XAML or code. In this blog, we will discuss Xamarin.Forms Behaviors. Xamarin.Forms behaviors are created by deriving Behavior or Behavior class, where T is a type of control on which behavior will apply. Follow this process to create Xamarin.Forms behaviors: First of all, create a class and...


iFour Team - March 30, 2021

How to ensure your development team is truly dedicated?

A good team is not something that forms on its own. An effective team is not about just having well-experienced developers and working as per the timescale. It forms based on how well they connect and interact with each other. With this, they can deal with the workload faster and eventually reach the project goals in time. It is, however, important to note that the formation phase of a project team always stays crucial to hit the expectations. Next, there are few other factors like commitment,...


iFour Team - March 22, 2021

Top 6 reasons to make your MVP successful

You might have seen so many apps that rushed into our lives and swiftly gained magnifying popularity. Examples of such apps are Uber, and Instagram which have millions of users today. The reason for their success is that they have followed a proper strategy and focused on building simplified features. You can see thousands of products get fail despite brilliant ideas in the market. It is just because they neglect the MVP strategy and user feedback. MVP strategy plays a magnificent role in...

https://www.ifourtechnolab.com/pics/Entity Framework vs NHibernate.webp

iFour Team - March 22, 2021

Entity Framework vs NHibernate: Understand similarities and differences

Entity Framework and NHibernate are Object-relational mapping frameworks (ORM) and are used to map database schema to domain objects in any object-oriented language. Table of Content 1. What is Entity Framework? 2. What is NHibernate? 3. Version History 3.1. Entity Framework 3.2. NHibernate 4. Platforms 4.1. Entity Framework 4.2. NHibernate 4.3. Platforms 5. Supported database 5.1. Entity Framework 5.2. NHibernate 5.3. Configuration...


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