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Angular Animations

Getting Started with Angular Animations

Animation offers the illusion of motion: HTML elements change the styling through time. Well, designed animations can make your application more fun and easier to use, but they are not just decorative. Animations can improve your app with user experience in several methods: Table of Content 1. Getting Started 2.1 Step 1: Enabling the animations module 2.2 Step 2: Importing functions of animation into component files 2.3 Step 3: Adding the Metadata property of...

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Roadmap to Xamarin

Roadmap to Xamarin Forms 5.0

Xamarin forms 5.0 can release the new features including Brushes, RadioButton, CarouselView, App Themes (Dark Mode), Shapes and Paths, and SwipeView. Table of Content 1. Upgrading to 5.0 1.1. Brushes 1.2. Drag-and-drop 1.3. CarouselView 1.4. IndicatorView 1.5. RadioButton 1.6. Shapes and Paths 1.7. SwipeView 2. Conclusion Upgrading to 5.0 Visual Studio 2019 will be the minimum required version for using Xamarin forms 5.0. Some...

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Education Industry

Top 10 Emerging Technology Trends for Education Industry

Technology adoptions have become an indispensable factor for any industry these days. There is hardly any enterprise that is untouched by technology. It is seamlessly changing the face of every industryanddigitally converting its complexities into simple ones. Table of Content 1. Podcasts are a wonderful way to educate 2. Data-driven insights via Webinars 3. Predictive analytics will help higher ed boost enrolment 4. Educational robots 5. Sustainable EdTech...

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Introduction core

Introduction to gRPC in .NET Core

Table of Content 1. Creating a gRPC service 2. Defining the Contract 3. Service implementation 4. Creating a gRPC client 5. Conclusion gRPC is an open-source remote process call system developed at Google in 2015.The supporting programming languages like C++, Java (+ Android), Objective-C (iOS), Python, Ruby, Go, C#, NodeJS and others.It uses HTTP / 2 to transfer binary messages and through a default protocol buffer as an interface definition language (IDL) to...

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Introduction DataContext

Introduction to DataContext And AutoWire in WPF

Table of Content 1. What is DataContext? 2. Auto-wire with ViewModelLocator 3. Conclusion What is DataContext? DataContext is one of the most useful concepts of Data Binding. DataContext is a property that is defined within FrameWorkElement. This is the default source of your bindings. For binding an object, we need some data from somewhere. There are a few ways to specify the source of data. We can use the Source property for binding, inherit a DataContext, and...

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