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asp dot net core web app

How to secure core web app? Core is the most powerful, versatile, and complete framework, widely used by a developer to develop web, desktop, mobile, and cloud-based web application. Unlike Mobile and Desktop application, web application runs on the publicly available address so that the security of web application is important.better features in Asp.Net Core with best security practices, but still, there are Vulnerabilities and it is our responsibility to secure our web application before and after...

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Custom Angular Schematics

Introduction to Custom Angular Schematics

Schematics are very useful. They provide us to achieve more in a shorter amount of time. But most significantly used, we can think less about routine stuff which leaves our limited attention span to focus on solving real changes. Table of Content 1. Preparation 2. index.ts 3. Execute custom schematics with the schematic-cli 4. Schematic didn’t generate anything 5. Passing options as arguments from the CLI 6. Let us create a model now so that we can get rid of...

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Behavior Xamarin

Using EventToCommand Behavior in MVVM ViewModel in Xamarin

Xamarin forms behaviors are created by deriving from Behavior or Behavior class and the behavior can enable you to implement code that you have to write as code-behind because it can directly interact with the API of the control. Attached behavior is a static class with one or more attached properties. For using EventToCommand behavior you must set the below behavior properties. EventName: Give the appropriate name of the event that the behavior can listen to (Ex:...

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best Web Development

15 Expert tips to choose best Web Development Company for Outsourcing projects

No matter what type of business you have these days, if you want to increase the potential of it, you need a website. In fact, just having a website is not enough, you need to take care of certain factors like UI/UX design, modules, loading time, speed, themes, templates, functions and features, marketing strategy, etc. To handle all these things, definitely you need the best and reliable web development service provider. Table of Content 1. Quality of company processes 2....

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Useful Plugins Xamarin

Useful Plugins in Xamarin

Xamarin Pluginsare basically a common use feature. We are using it to implementing natively on the project.Plugins for Xamarin are community nuggets and components. Cross-platform functionality or abstraction platform in common API. Both of these are too small for cross-platform. The plug-in API works on every platform that every platform can access.If you want to make any plugin then first check from NuGet to browse if it is possible or not to make this kind of plugin, if it was...

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