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Values WPF

What are Fallback and Target Null Values in WPF?

In WPF, Fallback is one of the features of binding fallback values. When we are working with the WPF there are many cases when we get the null values or not the correct binding for handle this type of situation WPF can provide us with Fallback values and Target Null Value. Two types of Fallback values are available. TargetNullValue FallbackValue TargetNullValue is used when we want to display the alternate value when the object property is null. If the object value is null...

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Make your background

Make your background task easy with Hangfire in .NET

The background task is a type of task which runs in the background. For example, sometimes we run any task and it takes a long time so start a new task to work more efficiently. Let's take the example in the coding world sometimes we have to log in one page and after a fewprocesses need to send an email to the client so we can do send mail process in the background and continue the process which is unfinished in this sending mail is Background task. Table of Content 1. Why...

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simplifying visual

Simplifying Visual State Manager with TargetName

EnlighterJS.init('pre', 'code', { language : 'js', theme: 'enlighter', indent : 2 }); Table of Content 1. What is Visual State Manager? 2. Common States 3. Conclusion What is Visual State Manager? The Visual State Manager (VSM) is a structured way to make some changes on the controls to the user interface from code, and the visual state manager is the concept of visual states. All...

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Construction Industry

Top 11 Emerging Technology Trends for Construction Industry

Construction sector is one of the vast verticals in the world and has great value in the market. It has a great impact on our lives as we are completely surrounded by this industry. With the rapid advancement in technology, extensive transformations have got introduced in this sector. Technology plays an awesome role in the construction industry and overcomes so many perilous disasters from occurring. Many innovations such as IoT (Internet of Things), AI (Artificial Intelligence),...

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Basic Authentication in Swagger (Open API) .NET5

Swagger or OpenAPI is used to describe the standard and specification for the RESTful API description. For creating REST API these specifications are a great attempt and these specifications provide an advantage to understand the RESTful service easily and used to provide easy documentation and detail of capabilities and organization. Table of Content 1. What is OpenAPI? 2. Need of OpenAPI 3. What is Swagger? 3.1. Basic Authentication 3.2. OAuth2...

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