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Class Library

Class Library in .NET Core

A class library defines the types and methods which are referred to by an application. If your class library targets .NET Standard 3.1, it can be called by any .NET implementation (including .NET Framework) that supports .NET Standard 3.1. If your class library targets .NET 5, it can be invoked by any application that targets .NET 5. Table of Content 1. Prerequisites 2. Create a Solution 3. Create a Class Library Project 4. Add a Console App to the Solution 5. Insert...

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dependency injection action filters

Dependency injection in action filters in ASP.NET Core

It is quite common to decorate the ASP.NET MVC controller actions with filter attributes to differentiate cross-cutting concerns from the main concern of the action. Sometimes these filters require the use of other components but the attributes are very limited in their efficiency and dependence injection into an attribute is not directly possible. This post looks at some of the different techniques for injection dependence in action filters in the ASP.NET Core. We discuss when each...

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Treeview WPF

What is Treeview in WPF?

The WPF tree view supports data binding, as all other WPF controls do, but, as the tree view hierarchy does, a normal DataTemplate is often not enough. Instead, we use the Hierarchical Data template, which allows us to template both tree nodes while controlling which property to use as a source for the node's child objects. The tree view tag represents the WPF TreeView control in XAML. Table of Content 1. Creating a TreeView 2. A Hard-Coded WPF Tree View 3. Dynamic...

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Encryption and Random

Hashing, Encryption and Random in ASP.NET Core

In this blog, we will be going to discuss hashing, encryption, and random string generation in ASP.NET Core. We will examine a number of different approaches and explain why some common techniques should be avoided in the latest applications. Table of Content 1. What is ASP.NET Core? 2. What is Hashing? 3. What is Encryption? 4. Conclusion What is ASP.NET Core? ASP.NET Core is a free open-source platform that was developed by Microsoft along with .NET core. It...

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using Angular Application

Implementation of Ngx Infinite Scroller using Angular Application

In this blog, we will introduce infinite scrolling in our Angular application. When we prepare an application, we deal with tons of files at the same time. In this situation, a question will be asked: how to display thousands of registrations on a single page? It is not a good practice to load thousands of records at once on one page, and there are many benefits to implement infinite scrolling. Increase the time on our web site so that we can have faster operations Make it...

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