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iFour Team - June 03, 2021

Overloading Action Method in Asp.Net MVC

Table of Content 1. What is Overloading? 2. What is ASP.NET Filter? 3. What is Action Filter? 4. Steps to create a custom Action Filter 4.1. Possible levels of Action Filters 5. Method Overloading in MVC 6. How to overload the Action Method in MVC? 7. Conclusion   What is Overloading? In any Object-Oriented Programming Language, there is a concept called Method Overloading. It simply means to have two or more functions or methods...


iFour Team - June 03, 2021

Steps to grow your software development business during Pandemic

The sudden rise of the pandemic has created a stir in the world leaving behind hundreds of nations with the worst economic crisis in their history. Besides, it declined the growth of various industry verticals and shattered the lives of billions of people with unemployment. Simultaneously, it has compelled thousands of software industries to shut down their offices and let their employees work from home. With this, remote work has caught a great hype and become a new trend of working for...


iFour Team - June 01, 2021

.NET highcharts with MVC Applications

Table of Content 1. Introduction 2. STEP 1 - Create an ASP.NET Web Application. 3. STEP 2 - Install DotNet.Highcharts Package. 4. STEP 3 - Create Highcharts in the project 5. STEP 4 - Rendering of highcharts on UI 6. Conclusion Introduction These days, users are more inclined towards visual representations such as graphs, charts, pie diagrams, etc. to understand the data quickly, which a plain table won’t demonstrate important relationships easily...


Lori Wade - May 27, 2021

7 Time Management Tips for Developers in 2021

Time is that crucial thing that once gone can never come back. Every individual has got only 24 hours in a day. But some make it, while others break it! All that decides how well you manage your time. The importance of time management is high in every individual's life. However, it is a little more important to developers because they need to be constantly updated with the technological and creative advancements while also engaging in critical thinking (especially if they are working...


iFour Team - May 26, 2021

An important guide on Angular Directives and their types

Table of Content 1. What are Angular Directives? 2. What are the types of Angular Directives? 2.1. Components 2.2. Attribute Directive 2.3. Structural Directive 3. Conclusion What are Angular Directives? Directives are instructions in the DOM that specify the way to place your components and business logic within Angular. These are basically custom HTML attributes that tell angular to alter the style or design or behavior of the DOM elements....


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