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5 Ways to Stop Cyberattacks

5 Ways to Stop Cyberattacks and Digital Threats Using AI

Cybercriminals are admirable in one aspect. They never stop in their efforts to increase the sophistication of their attacks. They infiltrate governments, businesses, and even individuals. They manage to keep cybersecurity players busy looking for ways to stop the threats. There is a great need for lasting solutions to cyberattacks. Yet, innovative technologies like Artificial intelligence (AI) may provide areas of vulnerability. Cybersecurity players fear that AI in the wrong...

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15 Best CRM Software

15 Best CRM Software you should Consider for Your Business

CRM (Customer Relationship Management) has become an indispensable need for every business to connect, engage, and build relationships with customers. Rapid technology advancements enabled businesses to host their CRM on the cloud efficiently and get seamless access anytime from anywhere. It allows managing customer data effortlessly with fine security. There are plenty of CRMs available in the market with an array of features in each. But it is suggested to research and analyze various...

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Listeners outside of the NgZone

Adding Event Listeners outside of the NgZone

If we're familiar with the Angular framework, we'll know that by default, any asynchronous event triggers the change detection process. In certain situations, we don't even have to worry about it; it just works as expected. However, in some cases, running the change detection process too frequently can lead to poor runtime efficiency. Table of Content 1. Execution of code in the NgZone 2. Incorrect usage of the runOutsideAngular method 3. Execution of code...

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SQLite.NET Database

Stored data in local SQLite.NET Database

In this blog, we will be going to talk about how to use the SQLite local Database in Xamarin.Forms with crud operation. This article describes how to use SQLite.Net as shared code to store and extract information into a local database. Table of Content 1. SQLite Means 2. How to use SQLite Database in Xamarin forms with Crud Operation? 3. Conclusion SQLite Means SQLite is a popular choice of local database storage in application software. It is probably the most...

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Software Development Firm

Importance of NDA for any Software Development Firm

NDA stands for Non-Disclosure Agreement and it plays an extreme role when it comes to outsourcing your project to software development companies. Not only does it help to secure your project idea but also increases your confidence to share commercially-sensitive information with the company. Besides, having complete access to the data stand to reason why IT organizations make their developers sign an NDA agreement. Table of Content 1. NDAs are more important in the startup and...

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