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3D Mobile Application Development using Augmented Reality

Apple Augmented Reality

Apple introduce Augmented Reality in WWDC 2017 with iOS version 11.0 and swift language version 4.0

In 1968 Ivan Sutherland founded Augmented reality. Augmented reality describes user experiences that add 2D or 3D elements to the live view from a device camera in a way that makes those elements appear to inhabit the real world. Augmented reality combines device motion tracking, advanced scene processing, camera scene capture, and display conveniences to simplify the task. In short it works on smart phones and tablet computers with the usage of hardwares like camera, accelerometer, GPS, Compass etc… Now a days Augmented reality using by

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Implementation of Augmented Reality in application

Apple ARKit uses Visual Inertial Odometry (VIO) for tracking and placing virtual objects without any calibration. When we are implementing of ARKit based app we have to consider below consists of:

SCNScene:- It is a 3D scene hierarchy of nodes. All attributes such as geometries, cameras and lights are attached to SCNScene.

3D Object:-  A virtual object always displayed on the screen. We are adding 3D objects in the SCNScene. So, we have to consider it’s hierarchy.

Mainly moveBy and rotateTo method will change the node from current position to expected position. Below are the parameters for the method body.

X:- For rotating the node counter clock wise around the X-axis.

Y:- For rotating the node counter clock wise around the Y-axis.

Z:- For rotating the node counter clock wise around the Z-axis.

Duration:- Duration of the animation (Time taken).

Usage of Augmented Reality

Construction:- 3D object useful when creating blue print of the site. Easily can check how building will be constructed at the end of site. So easily can modify as per user’s requirement.

Engineering Company:- It’s useful when designing a new product. Easily can justify product’s look and it’s functionality.

Games:- As you know Pokemon Go is one of the popular game. It is developed with the help of Augmented reality. Also one can develop best app with the help of this latest feature.

Turn by Turn Navigation:- Navigation applications are possibly the most natural fit of augmented reality with our everyday lives. Improved Global Positioning System (GPS) systems use augmented reality to make it easier to get from point X to point Y.

Military:- Augmented reality is useful for armed forces for better security of the country. The Heads Upper Display (HUD) is the best example of augmented reality in military applications. A transparent display give details like altitude, horizon and airspeed of the pilot.

Advantages and disadvantages of Augmented Reality


Gesture Interface:- Augmented reality is set to the mobile user experience with gesture. It requires little interaction for getting events from users. User can easily implements their requirements on actual device with the help of gesture.

Technology is unique and noticeable:- For now, there are much more chances to surprise your customers and create a necessary buzz because you can give your consumers something your competitors don’t have yet.

Content quality improvement:- With Augmented reality you give users a tool for creating the content that they could not do before by themselves. So when they create for their own they can improve best quality.


Lack of security:- Augmented reality game PokemonGo is the good example how any stranger can just come into your garden just to chase any augmented character and crack your personal security.

Addictive and laziness:- Well, this is from my personal opinion, with application of Augmented reality in all fields, all the works would be automated with just one tap on your smartphone, most of your works would be done. So you become more lazy, and more addicted to this technology.

Eye Strain:- While using Augmented reality on devices we are confined in a limited area from our environment. And we see and focus on particular details for long due to which we may tend to blink less compared to normal frequency of blinking. This results in drying of the front surface of our eyes and strain on eyes.

Best top rated Augmented Reality based apps

Pokemon Go – Mobile application

Ingress – Mobile application

Learn 33 Languages Free – Mondly – Mobile application

Augment - 3D Augment Reality – Mobile application

SkyView Lite – Mobile application

Augmented reality future

Future of Games:- Augmented reality is success in the gaming world. So it can be possible in future App Store will provide best games like Pokemon Go. Also companies are moving for developing games with the latest technology like Augmented reality.

Business Modification:- Augmented reality will give fully customisation to customers by mobile

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. So customer can generate products as per their requirement. So business marketing trend will get modify in the future.

Infrastructure will improve:- Augmented reality gives full modifications on infrastructure, where user can get houses / offices as per their requirement. So re-work can be stopped on developed buildings, and extra expenditure will be minimize.

Better Healthcare:- Medical students can easily understand surgery in a controlled environment with the help of Augmented reality. It can reduce the operation failure percentage and can save many lives.