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iFour Team - July 13, 2021

What is HTML Helper and explain TextBox HTML Helper in Asp.Net MVC

Table of Content 1.Introduction 2. Create a Textbox in ASP.NET MVC 3. Html.TextBoxFor() 3.1Overloads 4. Html.TextBox() 4.1Overloads 5. Conclusion Introduction An HTML Helper is nothing more than a string-returning method. The HTML helper is a mechanism for rendering HTML material in a view. An extension method is used to implement HTML helpers. HTML controls are rendered in the razor view by the HTMLHelper class. while submitting...


iFour Team - July 13, 2021

2021 Top Cyber Security Practices and Some Reliable Security Tools

For businesses of all types, the risk of a cyberattack is always there. Some small businesses may think that they are out of the consideration of the cybercriminals and tend to ignore the need for cybersecurity measures. However, this secured feeling is out of place as studies have shown that small businesses with many security vulnerabilities are often the most sought-after targets of cybercriminals. The cybersecurity measures of most of these SMEs are out of sync and thereby putting their...


iFour Team - July 13, 2021

Mount vs Render In React

Table of Content 1.Introduction 2.What is rendering? 3. Example of rendering 4. What is Mounting? 5. The life cycle of mounting 5.1. Mounting 5.2 Updating 5.3 Unmounting 6. Conclusion Introduction Render is a class-based component that gets called and returns the set of instructions for creating DOM. Mounting is when the component renders first time and indeed builds the initial DOM from that instruction. What is rendering? Render()...


iFour Team - July 12, 2021

All about Version Control – Git

Table of Content 1. What is version control? 2. Types of version controls 3. Why Git? 4. Installing on Windows 5. Setup 6. Git Basics 6.1. Creating a Repository 6.2. Initializing a Repository in an existing directory 6.3. Cloning an existing Repository 6.4. Checking file status 6.5. Tracking files 6.6. Committing changes 7. Conclusion What is version control? Version control is a system that keeps track of our files or projects. So...


Usman Raza - July 08, 2021

4 Questions to Ask While Hiring a Programmer for Your Business

In this article, we will be going over some of the questions you can ask when hiring a programmer for your business. The job of a programmer, particularly for startups, is critical. At times programmers are the only people that understand the application and the business behind it. So, if your business is centered around a product you need to get right, make sure the programmer understands exactly what you want.   Table of Content 1. What are the skills of the programmer? 2....


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