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Top 5 Trending JavaScript Framework 2018

Top 5 Trending Javascript Framework 2018

JavaScript Frameworks are an advanced version of client-side scripting application written in JavaScript. Structure of Frameworks has differed from Core JavaScript Library, it has pre-defined MVC structure or some of it like react defined by the library. An innovation of JavaScript Framework gives many benefits developer and create a new position in information technology world.

As the result of this innovative and robust application framework

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get more work from all over the world and raise frontend developer vacancy to fulfill client requirements. These frameworks are loved by millions, now they prefer to convert their old application with this robust framework-based application.

Angular Development1. Angular

Angular is the first MVC (Model View Controller) based JavaScript Framework launched by Google in 2009. After that, it will become unstoppable become most popular JavaScript Framework in short period of time. Google release awaited stable version of Angular 5.2.3 on 31 January 2018.

Google releases main three version of angular, it is Angular v1.0, v2.0, and v4. The architecture of Angular is MVC based where V2.0 based on Service / Controller. So due to this changelog between V1 and V2 developer prefer to develop an application from scratch. Where in Angular 4 reduced bundled file size by 60% so the code generated in V4 is accelerated and robust application. Angular 4 support TypeScript 2.1 and TypeScript 2.2. TypeScript is a superset of Core JavaScript which helps build structured code.

On GitHub Angular project has 181 public repository that helps to other developer improve their client application.

Following are popular website developed in Angular:

Official Website:

Angular best suited for:

Restful application focus is two-way data binding means when a user changes any data at frontend using API that data store or update at a database for use that data in future.

CRUD (Create Retrieve Update Delete) ultimately this focus on UI and data presentation allows the application developer to build a solid, responsive CRUD front-end on a head of a dynamic data store using AngularJS as the driver.

React Development2. React

React is second most popular JavaScript Library after Angular. React is developed under MIT license by Jordan Walke and maintain by Facebook, Instagram and community of individual frontend developers all over the world. Facebook recently release stable version (16.2.0)/ 28, November 2017.

Using MVC (Model View Controller) structure react easily integrated with any architecture. React Component can be re-use among the application also share it with publicly. If you like functional programming, then react is the best choice for you. GitHub react repository has over 1000 active contributors.

Some known website fully or partially uses ReactJs:

Official Website:

React best suited for:

  • Clickable Prototypes application means if you want to create simple react application that need to be verified by amount of test users. 
  • Cross Platform application with basic functionality.
  • Application that not fully depend on Native API.

VueJS Development3. Vue

Vue.js is the revolutionary framework in an era of lightweight and faster loading interface. Vue is a combination of Angular and React. It is younger than many popular front-end development frameworks like Angular, backbone etc. Vue first version released in 2014. Vue stable version 2.5.13 released on December 19, 2017. 

Evan You is founder and creator of Vue.js who ex-employee of Google and notable contributor for Angular. He had worked on many Angular Projects. With this knowledge was conclude his thought process and think out of the box for creating more lightweight framework without including extra concepts. Vue has 81 GitHub repositories with the 86,717-star rating.

Linked that developed or uses Vue:

Official Website:

Vue best suited for:

  • Using Vue can develop reusable component because of Vue providing browser independent compatibly system. 
  • Simple learning curve due to this developer prefer Vue for developing simple, smart app application.
  • Single Page Applications (SPA) that serve dynamicity by loading functionality or pages or content as the user interacts with the app.

Ember JavaScript framework4. Ember

Ember is open-source JavaScript framework. It was the first release on 8 December 2011.  Yehuda Katz is founder and creator of this framework. Stable version 3.0.0 of ember recently launched on 14, February 2018. 

If you got a big plan for your complex application and want to sure about your requirement specification, then you are on right track to selecting JavaScript framework.  Today ember boasts a huge developer community, regular updates and wide appliance of JavaScript best practices to guarantee the ultimate experience.

Ember has features like two-way data binding, same as Angular.js, keeping both view and model in sync. In Ember development we can be applying Fastboot.js module it ensures prompt server-side rendering of DOM, improving the performance of complex UIs.

Notable example of website that uses Ember:

Official Website:

Ember best suited for:

  • Using Ember develop coupon app, social network, Live chat application etc.

Meteor JavaScript framework5. Meteor

Meteor or MeteorJS is open source full-stack JavaScript framework developed using NodeJS by Meteor Development Group under MIT license. Meteor initial was released in 2012. It is continuing updated JavaScript application platform. The latest stable version of Meteor version 1.6 was released on 1st November 2017.

Using Meteor frontend developer able to develop end-to-end front and mobile application efficiently in JavaScript. It has a module structure due to that all packages and library can be used to at one place. If we check it as performance wise it will transmit all the data immediately database side from UI. Meteor comes well-heeled with tons of features for back-end development, front-end rendering, database management and business logic. 

Websites that uses Meteor:

Official Website:

Meteor best suited for:

  • Cross platform application development
  • Single Page application
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in India JavaScript advanced frameworks are among the most favorable and 2018 won’t become an exception.