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Here, we are going to compare the two frameworks of Microsoft: .Net Core and .Net Framework for building server-side apps. The .net framework runs mainly on Microsoft Windows whereas.Net Core supports cross-platform as well as it is an open-source framework. Though both frameworks may have many similarities and may share the same components, there are core differences between them. Which framework to choose solely depends upon what is required by the application you are building? Here are listed some perspectives on both the framework. After getting a look at these points, you may get a clear idea of the framework which will better suit your requirements.

The choice between .NET Core vs .NET Framework however depends upon the type of application to be built and the platform on which it is to be built. Let’s start with the advantages of using.Net framework or when you can choose .Net framework.

  • .Net framework is in the market for quite some time and there are chances you already know how to build an application in.Net framework. You can choose the .net framework as your server-side apps as learning .net core can be time-consuming if you have a product to deliver as soon as possible.
  • Security of data is a very essential concern for ASP.NET Software development companies . Sometimes malware introduced to the system that does not match up to the standards of security needed. Hence, it is very important to create a robust and secure pathway. Therefore, this is an essential feature of

    application development

  • .Net core is somewhat new and may not support some of the libraries which are already supported by the .net framework.
  • .Net framework is more stable to work with.
  • If you have already built your application using.Net Framework and want to extend its functionality.
  • If your team already has experience in.Net framework, you may want to use their skills to build application using.Net framework.
  • If you want to build your application using VB or F#, the then.Net framework is a better option as these languages are partially supported in.Net core.
  • .Net Framework has more graphical support for applications.

.NET Core vs .NET Framework for custom software development

We have discussed in which scenarios.Net framework would be better. Now let’s see some advantages of.Net core. The emergence of.Net Core has enabled opportunities for ASP.NET Software companies where they can use .net application development process and employ them in the functioning of Windows, Linux and Macos.

  • The most beneficial thing about.Net Core is that it is free, open source and supports cross-platform. If you have a requirement of building application which will run on multiple platforms, you may want to choose .Net Core.
  • If the delivery period of your application is not in the near future, and you are eager to learn new things, you can choose the .Net Core.
  • .Net Core ensures scalable systems.
  • .Net Core supports Microservice architecture which allows to include services developed with.Net Framework, Java or other technologies.
  • As.Net Core is more modular, flexible and lightweight than.Net Framework, it is much easier to deploy.Net Core apps in containers.
  • What makes.Net Core more fascinating is that it provides Command Line Application?
  • Asp.Net Core supports the development of the various type of web application, IOT, mobile back-ends.
  • .Net Core depends on the package manager to receive updates, unlike.Net Framework which is serviced using Windows Update.
  • Asp.Net Core has tag helpers which are more identical to HTML tags.
  • Self-hosting or IIS hosting is possible in an application built using.Net Core.
  • .Net Core integrates with client-side frameworks like Angular and React.
  • .Net Core has inherent support for Dependency Injection (DI).


Everyone has different scenarios and requirements while developing an application. Both .NET Core and .NET framework applications can run with great performance if coded smartly. The above overview and comparison of both technologies give a clear picture of .NET Core being a modern and updated framework for building server-side applications.

ASP.NET Software development companies

can take the benefits of the new features added in the framework and enhancements included in .NET Core for building, testing and deploying the applications efficiently and rapidly.