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How to use ASP.NET Core Web APIs for Web Development

As its name suggests web API is a programming interface or application that provides a communication or interaction between software applications. Web API is usually used to provide an interface between websites and client applications for the data access. And this data access comes from a database and saved in the database as well.

In ASP.Net, web API is used to make an easy HTTP web service that directly connect with the client applications, mobile applications, desktop applications and IOTs. Important thing in this is that it depends on the RESTful services or RESTful architecture where REST uses various resources like text, JSON & XML. From these, JSON is very popular and widely used by many ASP.Net development companies across the globe.

Using ASP.NET Core Web API

  • ASP.NET Web API is a REST API development framework from Microsoft based on REST architecture.
  • It will be stressful when choosing the right tools to write RESTful services because we need to take care of the scalability, maintenance, documentation and all other relevant aspects.

There are three approaches to create a web application using ASP.NET Core

  1. NET Core MVC
  2. NET Core Razor Pages
  3. NET Core Web API

  • The first two equipped with the ASP.NET Core Web App which provides HTML pages using the Razor syntax. In such instances, the ASP.NET Core Web App is responsible for what appears on the computer. core mvc web api

  • While in the ASP.Net Core Web API whatever is shown to the user is controlled by ASP/Net core from outside. To make it simplify for the human that it is either framework (like AngularJS or React.js) or mobile application that makes requests to the ASP.NET Core application to get the data or execute some business logic. core web api

When you can use ASP.Net Web API?

  • .Net Framework 4.0 or above
  • Build a service that supports only HTTP protocol
  • Familiar with ASP.Net MVC
  • Build RESTful HTTP based services

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Example of Asp.Net Core Web API:

namespace User.Controllers
    public class UserController: ControllerBase
        private static List Users = new List {
        //leave the user untouched

        //new code
        public ActionResult> Get()
            return Ok(Users);
        //end new code
    	public ActionResult Post(UserModel userModel)
		var existingUserModel = Users.Find(item =>
			item.Term.Equals(UserModel.Term, StringComparison.InvariantCultureIgnoreCase));

		if (existingUserModel != null)
			return Conflict("Cannot create the term because it already exists.");
var resourceUrl = Path.Combine(Request.Path.ToString(),    Uri.EscapeUriString(UserModel.Term));
			return Created(resourceUrl, userModel);

   	public ActionResult Put(UserIModel userModel)
		var existingUserIModel = Users.Find(item =>
		item.Term.Equals(userModel.Term, StringComparison.InvariantCultureIgnoreCase));

		if (existingUserIModel == null)
			return BadRequest("Cannot update a nont existing term.");
		} else
			existingUserIModel.Definition = userModel.Definition;
			return Ok();

  	public ActionResult Delete(string term)
		var userModel = Users.Find(item =>
		   item.Term.Equals(term, StringComparison.InvariantCultureIgnoreCase));

		if (userModel == null)
			return NotFound();
			return NoContent();


In today’s trending era where technologies are upgrading day by day, it is necessary for every .NET programmer to keep themselves updated with this ASP.Net Core Web API. Many frameworks nowadays are easily available in-built and in this scenario, it is mandatory for Microsoft to release their in-built framework and this is the great example of it. For every .Net developer or programmer it is like a readymade portal from which they can easily make any type of web application or software using this latest framework.