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What Is Angular 9? Explanation with Features, Pros & Cons

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What is Angular 9?

Angular is a TypeScript based framework and an excellent platform that is developed and maintained by Google team. It is used for building mobile and desktop web applications using JavaScript, TypeScript, Dart, etc. And Angular 9 is the latest version of this open-source framework with several drastic changes inside.

Features of Angular 9:

Angular development has been turned out to be more trending in the current tech-savvy era. Being the new generation competitor in the market and having extraordinary feature support for professional development, Angular has gained a huge popularity in the web development platform. Since after the long wait, Angular 9 has got released officially in the recent past. With the bunch of astonishing features, Angular 9 spans the framework with Angular material and the CLI (Command Line Interface).

The major updates in Angular 9 include the addition of new Ivy Compiler and Runtime, better debugging process, faster testing features, better application development, smaller bundle size, etc.

The applications build using Angular 9 platform, would use Ivy Compiler and Runtime, by default rather than the View engine.

You might be thinking what is Ivy here. Basically, Ivy is the code name for next-generation compilation and rendering pipeline. The Ivy compiler is designed with the purpose of generating less code for each Angular component. And Ivy compiler does this just by removing the unwanted parts of Angular which are not used through tree-shaking.

Tree shaking is a terminology that is used for “dead-code elimination” in JavaScript context. It is dependent on the static structure of ES6 module syntax – “import” and “export”.

The below figure shows how Angular 9 can benefit the Large-apps, small-apps and medium-sized apps with drastic size savings.

Let’s hover around with some other new features of Angular 9:

  • Typesafe changes:

The API which is used to test the Angular Apps is referred to as “TestBed”. In the previous versions, this TestBed had get() function imparted with it i.e. TestBed.get() which stopped considering string values. Hence to overcome this issue, developers discovered a new solution by deprecating of get() function and replaced it with inject() i.e. TestBed.inject() which ensures type-safety as well.

  • Enhanced support with ModuleWithProviders module:

This advantage is especially for Library owners. In Angular 9, you will have to use generic ModuleWithProviders type in order to show your module type

  • Modifications in Angular forms:

In the past versions, were the valid selectors to reference the Form. But with major updates of Angular 9, this scenario has been replaced with . Subsequently, with the removal of FormsModule.withConfig internally, you can directly use the FormsModule.

  • Dependency injection improvements with additional features given to “providedIn” value section of @Injectable.
  • Language service enhancements:

The support for language services has been extensively improved for known integrated development environments such as VS Code, WebStorm, etc. With consistency in the definition of links, the style URLs will be checked as template URLs.

Not only these but also there were many major updates that have been included in Angular 9 such as smaller bundles, new default compiler with internationalization support, improvements in i18n, Language services, Typescript diagnostic support etc.

Pros of Angular 9 in Web Application Development:
  • You can experience the performance improvement when compared to past versions.
  • In the form, now formControlName will accept the number as well.
  • Developers can able to make a clear project structure including clear syntaxes during development.
  • Saves lots of time and has greater adaptability for technological improvements.
  • Better debugging process.
  • Faster testing features
Cons of Angular 9:
  • It has limited options related to SEO and it gets difficult for the search engine crawlers to access.
  • It has a bunch of complex modules, programming languages, complexities in integration, tough customizations, that make difficulty in understanding and learning it.

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