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Evolution and History of Angular as Web Development Platform

Angular is considered as one of the most popular software development instruments today. Many

custom Angular software development companies

are seeing positive results after adopting Angular and the popularity of Angular with compared to other technologies is far high throughout 2019 and might be rise in 2020 as well as per the current trend. So, let’s start to know in deep about the Angular history and its evolution as growing web development platform.

Table of Content

Brief of Angular

  • Angular is an open source front end framework developed by Google for creating dynamic, modern web apps
  • Angular JS 1.x introduced in October 2010
  • Initial release of Angular 2.0 on 14th September 2016
  • Platform that makes easy to build applications with the web
  • It amalgamates declarative templates, dependency injection, end to end tooling and integrated practices

Angular Versions

Angular JS 1.x

  • It was initially released in October 2010
  • AngularJS usually referred to as “Angular.js” or Angular 1.x
  • JavaScript-based open-source front-end web application framework

Angular 2

  • It was initially released in September 2016
  • It is written entirely in Typescript
  • You can use any of the language from ES5, ES6, Typescript or Dart to write Angular 2 code.

Angular 3

  • Angular 3 was skipped: Reason behind this is that version mismatch between @angular/core, @angular/compiler and @angular/router libraries

Angular 4

  • Angular 4 was released in March 2017
  • Faster Compilation
  • Better Bug Fixes Alert
  • TypeScript 2.1 and 2.2 compatibility
  • Else block introduced in *ngIf Directive.

Angular 5

  • Angular 5 was released in November 2017
  • Build optimizer
  • Angular Universal State Transfer API and DOM Support
  • Compiler Improvements
  • Angular forms adds “updateOn” Blur/Submit
  • RxJS 5.5 support

Angular 6

  • It is released in May 2018
  • Two new angular cli commands added: “ng update” and “ng add”
  • Angular Elements
  • Component Dev Kit (CDK)
  • Angular Material Starter Components
  • CLI Workspaces
  • Schematics
  • Library Support
  • Tree Shakable Providers
  • Animations Performance Improvements
  • RxJS v6

Angular 7

  • Angular 7 was released on October 2018
  • CLI Prompts
  • Bundle budgets in CLI
  • Angular Material and CDK (Virtual Scrolling / Drag and Drop)
  • Content Projection support in Angular Elements
  • Dependency updates: TypeScript 3.1, RxJS 6.3, Added support for Node 10

Angular 8

  • It is released in May 2019
  • Differential Loading by Default
  • Dynamic Imports for Route Configurations
  • Builder APIs in CLI
  • Workspace APIs in the CLI
  • Web Worker Support
  • Angular CLI 8.3.0 has added new UX for an initial app created using ng new.

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  • Ensures higher security as it supports types (primitives, interfaces, etc.)
  • It helps to catch and eliminate errors early when writing the code or performing maintenance tasks

Declarative UI

  • You don’t need to invest your time in program flows and in deciding what loads first

POJO (Plain Object JavaScript Object)

  • Enables object manipulation by providing all the conventional JavaScript functionalities

Easy Testing

  • Testing extremely simple
  • Effectively performing automatic testing

Simplified MVC Pattern

  • It does not ask developers to split an application into different MVC components and a code that could unite them

Modular Structure

  • Its modules make application functionality organization easy


  • Makes the components highly reusable across the app

Simplified Unit Testing

  • Being independent of each other, the components make unit testing much easier

Improved Readability

  • Consistency in coding makes reading the code a piece of cake for new developers

Ease of Maintenance

  • Decoupled components are replaceable with better implementations


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