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Virto Commerce – An Enterprise Open Source .NET eCommerce Platform

Virto Commerce
What is Virto Commerce?

VcommerceVirto Commerce is based on .NET 4.5 with MVC, IoC, EF, AngularJS, etc. Virto Commerce in an enterprise level E-commerce product recommended by many

eCommerce solution providers

. It is said that it is designed in such a way that it will have no need to modify any core source code and it is achieved by using Dependency Injection, Interfaces, Windows Workflow Foundation Activities for business processes. Virto Commerce handles millions of products having some of the features like master and virtual catalogs, separate price lists, multiple stores, advanced template engine, dynamic marketing content, fulfillment centers, multiple product types and many more. Virto Commerce supports Cloud and On Premise hosting types. Virto Commerce has functionality of Dynamic Content thus has ability to market promotions or any other content based on customer context, including geo – location, browse history, order history etc. Flexible Fulfillment module facilitates creation of pick/pack lists of products, accept returns and exchange of products and send shipments.  

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Brief Virto Commerce is a platform that provides the tools required to develop a web store or online store with multiple features and functionality.
Holding company It has supporting partners like JBS, niteco, Icube, etc.
Framework Supports Microsoft .NET Framework 4.5 with MVC, EF, Azure, Angular JS
  • On-demand scalability, reliability, and performance ensurance. Server can be deployed world-wide hence flexible access
  • Offers on-premises deployment or a combination of both Azure and on-premises.
  • Images and all are stored on cloud thus, improves response time. Modern UI with latest technologies
  • Scalable hosting by Azure
  • Clean and easy to understand code
  • others as mentioned on their website.
Type E-Commerce website
Supported databases MS SQL Server and Cloud AngularJS based extensible web administration
Programming Language C#
Supported browsers
  • IE
  • Safari
  • Chrome
  • Firefox
  • Opera
  • Safari Mac IOS
Open Source Yes
Price Paid versions are available depending on features. Only primary features for demo is free
  • Flexible to create own e-commerce solution.
  • Multiple Store Management
  • Catalog Management
  • Category Management
  • Product Management
  • Support global template
  • product template can be specified per site, per category, per individual product, based on user behavior, per geo location and many more.
Disadvantages Requires high technical expertise to customize the store.
Support The Support for any query or issue is resolved by asking into their community forum.
Awards and recognitions As per cmscritic, Virto Commerce is at second position in category Best E-commerce Software.


Virto Commerce is a robust solution for creating responsive and

powerful web portals

and webshops with all required features that supports huge data of products and suppliers and is highly recommended by many eCommerce solution providers in India.