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Useful YouTube Marketing Tips for Software Companies


YouTube, the world’s second-largest search engine is one of the best platforms for marketers to show-off their software brands and increase the value of their organizations. Making video content could grab the attention of many audiences that a normal content fails in getting. A normal marketing strategy with YouTube should include factors like Audience Research, Partnerships, Calls-to-Actions, Consistency, creative content, links that backs to your website, etc. Video marketing always makes a stir in content marketing approach, looking at which many consumers started to listen and learn. It is not just about creating video content; it is about the right marketing tactics that steal the game. Many outsource web development companies have gained a consistent image through marketing their brands using the YouTube platform.

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Use YouTube as an Educative tool for the Audience

“Software companies can have massive success on YouTube by using it as an educative tool for its audience (customers) using their products. The fact that a customer has narrowed down to a specific video or channel means they have seen something that they would like. Marketers can take advantage of this and exceed the viewers’ expectations.

This can be achieved by uploading tutorials related to the software being advertised. When the viewers watch and learn from the video and they actually get satisfied or they like it, their next step will be to engage the seller and make purchases. Therefore, rather than just talk about the product, software companies should go ahead and make actual videos elaborating on the use of the software.”

- Blake Trooy, Proprietor of  Pugsquest

“Use videos as learning resources. By creating tutorials and demos, we can drive engagement, shares and even conversions by viewers who are in our software niche. Use this method to demystify software and application design and stimulate conversions.”

- R.J. Michaelson, Director of Marketing of  West & Willow

Creativity and Targeting

“YouTube success for marketers is dependent on two key factors: creative and targeting. On the creative front, it is important to design your creative for the digital platform. For example, some marketers run their 30 second TV spot online without tweaking it, so that the brand reveal doesn't even happen until second :15. For targeting, it can be done via the context (aka matching a car commercial to an auto channel) or through the audience (serving the same car commercial wherever the user is watching. It is crucial to select your audience and devise your targeting strategy around where they are and how to best reach them.”

- Tony Chen from  Channel Factory

Focus More on Your Product Related Videos

“YouTube is the present and the future of marketing, so you need to find a way to make it work for you. I recommend using a YouTube channel to present the products you are creating, their features, etc. You can also create review content, present industry news and developments, etc. Otherwise, influencer marketing is very popular right now, so sponsoring someone who is already present in this space and has the audience and the authority can do a lot for your marketing efforts.”

- Heinrich Long, Privacy Expert at  Restore Privacy

Should have How to and DIY YouTube Videos

“For software companies the biggest barrier to entry is people not being sure how to use the software. Guides and documentation are hardly read such is life with people and reading instructions, so the next best or I'd say best way to go is to have How To and DIY YouTube videos cataloguing how to do the basics right up to the advanced stuff that your product wants to be known for - its USP.

Video content is much more consumable for guidance or titling your target audience. Once they can see how the software works, and also how it can help their business, they are much more likely to become a hot lead. Then this is just up to your sales team!”

- Brett Downes, Founder of  HARO Helpers

“One tip to make YouTube marketing successful for software companies is to include the common how to use software questions as instructional YouTube videos. These are great because they are ones customers will watch in full and appreciate having available, which will also boost your average videoviewed and liked statuses, meaning your future videos will have a higher chance of also being successful in organic YouTube search.”

- Stacy Caprio, Founder of  Accelerated Growth Marketing

YouTube SEO

“Many people make the mistake of putting all the work into producing a great video, but don’t consider the other factors. If you want views, you need to consider YouTube SEO. The first step is to pick an appealing title that contains the relevant keywords that you are targeting. Don’t fall into the trap of using clickbait titles, although they work, the negative impact on your brand will not be worth it. Next, you need to make an eye-catching thumbnail that sells your video and makes people want to click on it. I strongly recommend making your own custom thumbnail, as it’ll help your content stand out.”

- Ethan Taub, CEO of  Loanry

“Just like standard websites, YouTube has SEO rules as well. When you create videos and upload them to the platform, make sure to research your keywords first. Most of today’s SEO tools have options for YouTube keyword research too. Once you have your keywords, optimize your title, description and tags. It’s 20-30 minutes of extra work per video and it makes a vast difference in how many views you can get.”

- Jane Kovalkova, Chief Marketing Officer at  Chanty

Give Call to Action Right Away

“When we’re talking about YouTube marketing, a really good tip is giving those potential customers a call to action right away. Whether it is someone watching an ad that the company paid for, or an actual video of your own, one of the first things you want to do is give them a call to action. Insert a link to your company’s website or any other communicative channel, so you take the interaction off YouTube and start enhancing a relationship with that intrigued customer.”

- Daniel J. Mogensen, Founder of  Kodyl

Lead with Value

“The hard truth is that no one cares about who you are or what your software does (yet). Start your video with a strong hook that exposes the problem you solve in a really evocative way. Think of your customer and visually demonstrate your understanding of the business pain that your software aims to solve. Lead with the desired end result that your perfect customer profile wants more than anything, and then start to introduce how you do it and why you do it. And don't forget: no one believes marketers these days, leverage the power of a customer video testimonial in your video to gain trust!”

- Adam Rizzieri, CMO of  Agency Partner Interactive

Utilizing Short and Sharp Skippable In-Stream Ads

“When it comes to YouTube marketing for software companies, utiliting short and sharp skippable in-stream ads can be a fantastic way to generate leads, make sales or boost brand awareness. After 5 seconds the viewer has the option to skip, so make sure to push the brand and USP in the first 5 seconds of the video ad.”

- David Pagotto, Founder & Managing Director of  SIXGUN

Brand Placements with YouTube Personalities

“One tip for software companies to use YouTube successfully for marketing is to get brand placements with YouTube personalities. There are many tech, IT, and gaming YouTube celebrities out there that use various software, your company can connect with some of them and use them as a vehicle to promote your products. People trust personal opinions, especially when it comes from a person or celebrity they like and trust. Each personality that adversities your software will do so with their own flare creating a natural variance in the type of marketing reaching potential customers.”

- Laura Fuentes, Operator of  Infinity Dish