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Popular Blockchain Platforms: Bitcoin, Ethereum, Hyperledger and Quorum

The blockchain is a digital ledger of economic transactions, which programmed across a peer-to-peer network. Using the Blockchain Technology, participants can confirm transactions without any need for a central clearing authority. Many

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are currently active using some of the Blockchain Platforms like Bitcoin, Ethereum, Hyperledger and Quorum. We here by discuss their basic key points.



What is Bitcoin?

Bitcoin is cryptocurrency a digital asset that can be sent anywhere in the world over the Internet.

When did it start?

It was launch in 2009 by Satoshi Nakamoto .

How does it work?

Bitcoin works via open sources software over a peer- to- peer network, by passing banks and traditional payment gateways. No central authority needed.

What is Bitcoin Fork?

A Bitcoin Fork is defined as a blockchain split into two paths forward, or a change of protocol rules.

bitcoin blockchain

Is bitcoin Safe?

A bitcoin transfer is safer than credit card transactions as it doesn't involve personal and credit card data.

Who uses Bitcoin and who accepts it?

Bitcoin seems to be used by people who easily have access to the internet and formal financial services in general. A limited number of Businesses accept bitcoins as payment for good or services. i.e. Amazon, okCupid, western union.

Some Sources of Bitcoin to learn.


What is Ethereum?

Ethereum is an open-source, decentralized blockchain-based platform, for featuring smart contract functionality.

Different platforms of Ethereum.

Virtual Machine.
Smart Contracts.

What will Ethereum be used for?

Decentralizing Existing services. Bringing Science Fiction to Life. For Unimagined Possibilities.

What is Smart Contract?

Smart contract is a computerised transaction protocol that help us exchange of money, content, property, shares, or anything of value.

Ethereum blockchain

Which apps currently runs on Ethereum?

Ether Tweet.
Raiden Network.

Which apps currently runs on Ethereum?

Ethereum is Secure.
It has Zero Downtime.
Corruption and tamper proof.

Coming Milestones.

Scalability solutions such as sharing and Plasma promise to bring ETH to 1000s of transactions per second.

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What is HyperLedger?

Hyperledger is an open source collaborative effort created to advance cross-industry blockchain technologies, It was hosted in December 2015 by Linux Foundation and supported by big industry players like IBM, Intel.

Hyperledger Frameworks.

Hyperledger Burrow.
Hyperledger Fabric.
Hyperledger Iroha.
Hyperledger Sawtooth.
Hyperledger Indy.

Hyperledger Tools.

Hyperledger Caliper.
Hyperledger Cello.
Hyperledger Composer.
Hyperledger Explorer.
Hyperledger Quilt

History of Hyper ledger.

The objective of this project is to collaborate with cross industry by developing blockchains and distributed ledgers, with a particular focus on improving the reliability and performances of these systems so that they’re capable of supporting world business transactions by major technological, financial and supply chain companies.

Hyperledger blockchain

Hyperledger Projects.

The Hyperledger incubates and promotes a range of Business.
Hyperledger Sawtooth.
Hyperledger Iroha.
Hyperledger Burrow
Hyperledger Fabric and many more.



What is Quorum?

Quorum is an Ethereum based distributed ledger technology. The objective of this development is to provide the Financial Services Industry with a permissioned implementation of Ethereum that supports transaction and contract privacy.

Primary features of Quorum.

Transaction and contract privacy.
Multiple voting based consensus mechanisms.
Higher performance.

Quorum components.

Quorum Node.
Constellation/Tessera - Transaction Manager.
Constellation/Tessera - Enclave

How Quorum is different from Ethereum blockchain?

Peer permissions and Network management.
Contract privacy and Enhanced Transaction.
Voting-based consensus mechanisms.
Better performance.

Quorum blockchain

Why Quorum?

It is an Open Source Technology.
Quorum is free to use.
It is an Enterprise Focused.