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E-commerce solution analysis – NopCommerce vs Umbraco

NopCommerce vs Umbraco
What is Umbraco?

Umbraco is a Content Management System (CMS) platform for publishing or displaying your contents over internet or Intranet. Umbraco is used by custom software development companies to design and develop small to complex websites. It has attractive user interface and also its own .Net controls.

Here, we are comparing

NopCommerce vs. Umbraco

alt text Umbraco CMS Development
Brief NopCommerce is tool from which one can develop fully featured E-commerce website with attractive UI. Umbraco is fully-featured, well-managed content management system with flexibility to run small websites to complex applications. It is not limited to shopping cart websites.
Team Author: Andrei Mazulnitsyn The nopCommerce development team. Author: Niels Hartvig Umbraco Core Team
Framework Supports Microsoft .NET Framework 4.5.1 or above Supports Microsoft .NET Framework (depends on version of Umbraco).
Features Mobile commerce
Product features
Dynamic NC Site Search
Single Dashboard Control
Flexible .Net Architecture

Availability of exchange rate system based on the real time prices and multicurrency support which helps buyers the globe to shop freely irrespective of current location) And others as mentioned on their website.
Simple & Easy editing Interface Rollback Version Control Scheduling Content MS Word Integration Multiple Language Capabilities Integrate your own .Net Control Extensible
Type Online Store Content management framework, Web framework, Content management system, Community and Blog software
Supported databases MS SQL Server 2008 or above & MS SQL Server Compact 4.0 or above SQL Server, SQL CE, SQL Azure, MySQL (depends upon version of Umbraco)
Programming Language C# C#
Supported browsers Microsoft Internet Explorer 8 & above (IE6 & IE7 were supported in versions prior 3.60) Mozilla Firefox 2.0 & above Google Chrome 1.x Apple Safari 2.x Mozilla Firefox 3.x and above Google Chrome (Latest) Apple Safari IE7+ IE10+ (for Umbraco 7.x.x)
Open Source Yes Yes
Price Free Paid versions are available depends on features.
Usage 30,176 websites Source: [ CITATION Bui17 \l 1033 ] 57,655 websites Source: [ CITATION Bui171 \l 1033 ]

SEO Friendly
Customizable and Flexible Stable and highly usable Multiple Device Support

Supports different HTML editor – Visual Studio or Dreamweaver. Full control of the site appearance. Multilingual support
Disadvantages Limited extension for additional features available. Less performance for high data driven websites. Small community Time Consuming process for new comer to CMS and thus requires detailed analysis and detailed study. Umbraco requires full trust mode with extended rights for site work Not all hosting services permit it.
Support Online forum If issues faced then the experts are available who replies immediately once you drop your query on their support forum
Popular sites Source: [ CITATION Wap17 \l 1033 ] Ref – w3techs [ CITATION w3t17 \l 1033 ]
Marketshare Ref - [CITATION W3T16 \l 1033] 0.1% of all the websites whose content management system we know. This is 0.1% of all websites. 0.1% of all the websites whose content management system we know. This is 0.1% of all websites.
Awards and recognitions As per [ CITATION Mic17 \l 1033 ], nopCommerce is in top 5 mst downloaded application by Microsoft Web Platform Installer As per gotech, nopcommerce is chosen as the best finance app by Russian WebReady Awards As per People Choice CMS Award, In 2016, nopCommerce won CMScritic's "Best eCommerce for SMB" award.


NopCommerce is preferred by

nopCommerce eCommerce development companies

for simple, easy to use and standard eCommerce websites. nopCommerce is good for simple E-Commerce websites. It has all required and beneficial features that makes it useful and easy for both consumers and merchants. Umbraco is mostly used by

Umbraco website development companies

when there are less customizations required. It has also high server requirements.


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