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iFour Team - February 15, 2018

Vue.js a JavaScript framework for robust web applications

Vue.js is revolutionary framework in an era of lightweight and faster loading interface development by frontend developer. It is younger than many popularfront-end development frameworks like Angular, backbone etc. also become popular in the vuejs software development companies in USA in short period of time. Evan you is founder and creator of Vue.js who an ex-employee of Google and notable contributor for Angular JS. He worked on many AngularJS Projects. With this knowledge of AngularJS,...


iFour Team - February 06, 2018

Public blockchain v/s Private blockchain

Table of Content 1. Similarities of public and private blockchain 2. Public Blockchains 3. Private Blockchains When it comes to secured online transaction technology, blockchain is trending and a front runner choice of many blockchain software companies. Though Blockchain is less understood concept but it has sparked great deal of discussion on internet these days.   What is Blockchain? How blockchain can be used for secured online transactions? What...


iFour Team - November 07, 2017

Unvalidated Redirects and Forwards

Many times it happens that you get a link via mail or social media and when you directly click on that link you are fortunately directed towards some wrong website which is not supposed to be. This is an example of Unvalidated redirects and forwards as per software development companies.   Table of Content 1. How to find the web application is vulnerable to redirects? 2. How actually it looks like? 3. Prevention Unvalidated redirects and forwards is ranked 10th on...


iFour Team - November 07, 2017

How to avoid Cross-Site Scripting (XSS) vulnerability in web development

Cross-site scripting is ranked 3rd in the list of OWASP top 10 vulnerabilities 2017. Cross-site scripting are one of the most rampant occurring injection attacks faced by various web application across businesses. That’s why to know the causes of XSS, its impact and prevention is must.   Table of Content 1. What is Cross-site Scripting? 2. Types of XSS 3. Findings 4. Prevention 5. Conclusion What is Cross-site Scripting? Cross-site...


iFour Team - September 05, 2017

Importance of Web Application Security

It has become necessary to understand the importance of security for any company including software development companies in order to provide robust, safe and secure experience to users. Actually hacking is not that much of dramatic which are shown in movies. It is dangerous enough that every business owners would be wanting to avoid it. In this blog we would try to know what is malware, how it can affect web applications and computer systems and some suggestions to protect your environment...


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