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iFour Team - November 08, 2020

Understanding Validation Tag Helpers in ASP.NET Core

ASP.NET core provides a validation related tag use to display a validation message to the user. To display the validation message in view the validation tag generates the Html element.   Table of Content 1. Validation Tag helpers in Asp.net core 2. Validation Message Tag helper 3. Validation Summary Tag helper 3.1. Step-1: Create an "Asp.net core web application" 3.2. Step-2: Add Employee Model 3.3. Step-3: Add Employee Controller 3.4. Step-4:...


Marie Barnes - November 06, 2020

9 Tasks to Outsource for Successfully Running Your Online Business

Table of Content 1. Research on competitors and the market 2. Design of the website 3. Content marketing and copywriting 4. SEO 5. Social media marketing 6. Project management 7. Customer Support 8. Accounting 9. Analysis and Reporting 10.Conclusion Running a business online indeed implies having more freedom, but not any less amount of work. From market research, design, copywriting, and content marketing to accounting and inventory management, - the ‘carousel’...


iFour Team - November 05, 2020

Top 7 expert tips for software architects to make a successful software product

Software architects create high-level design alternatives based on their programming experience. An architect has thought through all the characteristics of a software, just like an architect that builds a house. A design that a normal person sees is just the walls and windows but a detailed design that is engrossed from the outsider are also available with the architect. Additionally, the architect may sometimes initiate technical standards, incorporating coding standards, tools, or platforms.   Table...


iFour Team - November 04, 2020

Mitigate 16 Common Product Development Mistakes vouched by Software Experts

Table of Content 1. Common Product Development Mistakes 2. Not clearly define what problem to solve 3. Solution looking for a problem 4. Not investing enough in market and user research 5. Not dedicating enough time& focusing on state-of-the-art technologies 6. Building products without customer feedback 7. Assuming developing ideas are the most pivotal process 8. Too much idea and not enough execution 9. No need of gut feeling 10. Startup can make is feature creep 11....


iFour Team - November 04, 2020

Guide to Guest Blogging for SEO and Common Mistakes to Avoid

Have you ever thought about how some organizations constantly manage to get incredible exposure with implausible traffic? What helps them to makeultimate brand recognition? Yes, today in this blog, we are going to expose this pitchin detail and learn how to make the most out of this.   Table of Content 1. What is Guest Blogging? 2. Deciding the Goals for Guest Blogging 3. What are the ways to find Guest Blogging Opportunities? 3.1. Finding the Guest Blogging Opportunities 3.2....


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