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Why Nodejs is considered as the Game Changing Technology for Web Development?

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Introduction to Nodejs

Node.js is a runtime environment open source and cross-platform to execute JavaScript code outside of a browser. Node.js is one of the most flexible open source server-side platform developed on Google Chrome's JavaScript Engine (V8 Engine). Node.js also offers a rich library of different JavaScript modules to greatly simplify

web application development

using Node.js.

Nodejs is not a framework and it is not a language of programming. Most people are confused and understand it’s a framework or a programming language. It is considered as the most desirable technology because of its vast benefits for custom application development. We often use Node.js to create back-end services such as Web App or Mobile App APIs.

Some crucial reasons why it is considered best for Web Development

  • Node.JS is Very Fast

Node.js is employing Google's V8 engines. Google engines V8 that compile JavaScript into a native machine code and run very fast because of it node.js increase any framework’s speed.

  • Node.JS Stimulate Sharing

Node.js energizes the Node Package Manager or NPM proximity. It includes the lots of bundles storehouse, resulting in effective provisions being made by designers.

  • Node.JS Make for Real-Time Web Application

Node.js has amazing characteristics when developing real-time apps like chats and gaming apps.

  • Node.JS Data Streaming

Web frameworks treat as whole information objects HTTP requests and responses. Node.js handles I/O very well, so we can also take advantage of it and create some incredible stuff.

  • Every Developer Know JavaScript

Every web developer has created a little bit of JavaScript, even though a jQuery plugin was hacked by that JavaScript. It's hard to find a web developer nowadays. So why not choose the platform whose language is known to every web developer?

  • Node.JS Increase Productivity

Enterprises can add the frontend and backend teams to a single unit to deliver elevated productivity in less time.


JavaScript rules the development field

When employing a common language for each client/server-side, synchronization happens fast, which is especially helpful for event-based, real-time applications. Custom Software Development Companies in India prefer to choose Nodejs for online gaming, chats, video conferences, or any solution that needs perpetually updated data due to its asynchronous, non-blocking, single-threaded nature.

Enabling developers to frame JavaScript coding for both client and server side

There are 3 major types of JavaScript namely:

  • Client-Side JavaScript

An expanded version of JavaScript enabling web pages and client browsers to be enhanced and manipulated.

  • Server-Side JavaScript

An expanded JavaScript version that allows back-end access to databases, file systems and servers

  • Core JavaScript: The base JavaScript language

Big brands are thriving into Nodejs

  • Netflix: Previously, Netflix used Java on the back end and JavaScript on the front end, which needed language skills for developers. They need to do double work for error handling and debugging.
  • Trello: It requires to depend on event-driven technology that at one moment can manage many open connections. Trello is one of the companies that use Node.js to develop a single page web application for its server side and as a prototype tool.
  • PayPal: It is most popular online payment system in world. It is one of the company that use nodejs in production. There was a same issue like Netflix.
  • LinkedIn: LinkedIn is professional networking platform that uses Nodejs in among websites. Previously LinkedIn uses Ruby on Rails app was a synchronous app which the clients used to make several calls for a single page. Nodejs allow asynchronous event system where the client made a single request per page.

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It is powered by Google Chrome

V8 is the name of Google Chrome's JavaScript engine. V8 is the JavaScript and Web Assembly high-performance open source engine of Google, written in C++. It's used in both Chrome and Node.js. It's the thing that takes and executes our JavaScript while browsing Chrome. V8 offers the JavaScript executing runtime environment. The browser provides the DOM and other Web Platform APIs. This feature enabled the rise of Node.js. The Node.js ecosystem is enormous and V8 also enables desktop applications with applications such as Electron.


One of today's most exciting technologies has developed into one of the most common platforms for web applications, utilities and desktop applications. Many custom web development companies have trusted

Node.js for their web development

and have received positive results. Nodejs has fast performance compare to other framework or programming language due to asynchronous nature. Mostly all frontend part based on JavaScript so it’s easy to developer if backend part is based on JavaScript. Nodejs is providing backend part based on JavaScript.