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Getting started with MEAN stack development

Mean Stack Development
MEAN stack is collection of JavaScript-based web technologies that includes MongoDB, Express, AngularJS, NodeJS widely used by web development companies.



MongoDB is an open source cross-platform NoSQL documentation database that is written in C++. MongoDB Stores data in JSON-like documents. Indexing, Ad hoc queries and real-time aggregation is the key features of MongoDB to analyze data. MongoDB is published under the GNU Affero General Public License. You can use MongoDB Manual for reference.


Express is a minimal and flexible

Node.js web application development

framework. Middleware and routing are the key features of Express. Middleware is a concept that express uses to protect the application in layered structure. Several popular Node.js frameworks are built in express. Express uses node.js Http module to handle request.


AngularJS is JavaScript framework. That is used to build single page application.


Node.js is an open source JavaScript runtime-environment to executing JavaScript code in server side. Node.js uses Chrome's V8 JavaScript engine to execute JavaScript code. NPM is a package ecosystem of node.js to manage your packages in

node.js application

. Node.js's package ecosystem is the largest ecosystem of open source libraries in the world.

Required Technologies

Windows system

MongoDB :Download from MongoDB and use Installation guide in Windows.

Node.js : Download and install node.js from You can find Node packages from npm

OS X system

MongoDB : Download from MongoDB and use Installation guide in OS X.

Node.js : Download and install node.js from You can find Node packages from npm

Linux system

MongoDB : Install MongoDB in Linux using installation guide in linux

Node.js : In Linux there are several different ways to install node.js.

  • APT package manager
  • PPA (Personal Package Archive)
  • NVM (Node Version Manager)

Git Git is an open source distributed version control system. Download git for your system.

For Windows : Git for Windows.

For Mac OS X : Git for MAC OS X

For Linux : Git for Linux

Git Documentation: Documentation

Install MEAN

To start as a MEAN first install mean-cli package as globally from npm repository.

$ npm install -g mean-cli

Mean Stack Development Example

if you are using OSX, *nix, BSD then you can install mean-cli with sudo syntext


$ sudo npm install -g mean-cli

after installing mean-cli type

$ mean
$mean –help

for list of mean cli commands.

Mean Cli Command Example

Create Your First Mean App.

To create mean app, open your command line interface and type

$ mean init 

ex. for an example if your application name is mean-demo then just type

$ mean init mean-demo

Mean Demo

this will create mean-demo folder in your workspace directory.

After creating your application go into application directory and type

$ npm install

that install all require dependencies in application.

NPM Installation Example

After installing dependencies type $ npm start that will run your application in your browser.

NPM Start Application
NPM Example
Mean App in Browser