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Brief Introduction of .NET 5 For ASP.NET Developers

The .Net framework recently come up with a new version called ASP.NET 5 which is described as “the future of .NET” by Microsoft. .NET has various new features as compared with the old versions like cross-platform, modularity, open-source app development, support of cloud-based and freedom to choose programming tools. Currently, .NET 5 is in preview release, features can be updated. The aim of .NET 5 is to empower unified .NET client app projects to create and develop deliverables for various platforms including Windows, UNIX, Linux, Legacy Windows, iOS, Android, HTML5, and Macintosh. Many software development companies use ASP.NET for developing custom web applications due to its robust security features.

Table of Content

ASP.NET 5 Provides the Following Exceptionally Useful Features:

One can introduce this design pattern in the project when:

  1. Quick HTTP Performance

    ASP.NET 5 has introduced a modular HTTP request pipeline so that the developers can add the element according to their requirements. A pipeline is independent of system.web and is supported by OWIN. By minimizing upward in pipeline app can work better and tuned better HTTP stack. Developers can also use the configure method in their start-up class to customize the pipeline. The configure method used to specify which middleware the developer wants to use in the requested pipeline. ASP.NET 5 has introduced many distinct middlewares from the katana project that includes middleware for authentication, static files and diagnostics.

  2. Flexible cross-platform runtime

    ASP.NET 5 can work with two distinct platforms i.e. .NET Core and .NET framework for providing better flexibility and experience. Developers can select any of one as per their requirements.

    .NET Core – This is a cross-platform with a deployed version of runtime instead of runtime installed on a host that operating system developer use for the development of an application.

    .NET Framework – Currently, .NET Core API is limited on comparing with .NET Framework. Developers need to modify the existing application for using .NET Core. Otherwise, they can run ASP.NET 5 applications on full .NET framework.  This enables the developer to get the full access to .NET Framework APIs, existing libraries and application can even work without modification on this runtime.

  3. Open Source

    .NET will be an open-source and using its principle will enable developers to run applications on multiple OS. The source code for ASP.NET 5 is hosted on GitHub.

  4. A unified programming model that combines MVC, Web API, and Web Pages

    Web Pages, Web API, and MVC will be united into a single framework called as MVC 6 and they will provide complementary functionality. In this version, this can be merged into a single programming model. Now, coders can able to develop a single web application that handles the Web UI and data services without reconciling in the programming framework. In addition to this, they can able to transition a website developed with a web page initially and can be merged into a more robust MVC application. There is no need to write distinct codes depending on the framework.

  5. Cloud-ready configure

    ASP.NET 5 offers an amazing feature in which the coder does not need to use Web.config file for configuration. The purpose of ASP.NET 5 is to make easy to deliver an application to the cloud and read the correct configuration value for a particular environment automatically. This new system permits the developers to request name value from distinct sources like an environment variable, XML, the development team has to decide which format is optimal in their scenario.

Wrapping Up:

ASP.NET 5 has been a great upgrade over the previous versions. In this blog, we have been highlighted some of the essential features of ASP.NET 5 that are useful for developing a custom web app. For an ASP.NET developer who works with ASP.NET Development Company, he/she must know about these useful features.