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10 Mobile app development ideas for 2018

Mobile Development Ideas
Every day we see tons of mobile apps being released by

Mobile application development companies

. The success of any mobile app depends on user interface, uniqueness of the idea, usability, marketing, performance of the app and many other factors. Based on our experience in mobile app development, we hereby present few

mobile app development

ideas that one can consider this year.

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  • Voice Based Journey Planner

    This is an intelligent journey planner mobile app where user plans his journey and sets reminder for each destination with voice and text both. It is basically a reminder application that alerts the user by recorded voice when particular location is arrived. User can also add Stops to be taken during the journey and also need to record the voice for reminder of each Stop. This GPS (Global Positioning System) based application will trigger the recorded voice or convert text to speech, whenever device reaches within 100m of specified location and Application will alert if user is running out of time as specified in the plan.

  • Corruption control mobile app

    This mobile app is to record your corruption experience with evidences like photo, video. The mobile app lists down all such occurrences by Govt. department wise. The objective is to spread awareness of corruption prevalent in various dept. and control the same. 
  • Public Election Manifesto mobile app

    Elections are fought on various public issues however many times ground-root issues are ignored and not given due consideration by Parties. Public election manifesto mobile app is for general use and people can list down issues that politicians should address or include in their manifesto. Public can vote the issue or add his own.
  • Public diet planner

    This mobile app provides suggestions for breakfast, lunch, snack, dinner etc. for various body requirements and diseases. For example, it suggests user what diet plan he/she follow if suffering from diabetes. It also lists down popular diet plans like BMW diet plan. 

  • Intelligent cooking app

    This mobile app suggests you a dish based on ingredients in hand. User can input ingredients that he has and this mobile app would provide you suggestions and inputs for a dish that you can prepare with recipe details. It also shows popular recipe videos. 
  • Positive news mobile app

    This mobile app shares news that are positive only. We see the spreading of negativity a lot in news channels, websites and media. The very less or negligent consideration is given to news that are positive and boosting in nature. The source of this news can be various news media portals or public can be given access to post such news with verification process in back end.  
  • Selfie competition mobile app

    People are crazy behind selfie these days. Selfie competitions can be run on the app and participants can upload their selfies.  Prize etc. can be set depending on the competition type, location and other parameters in the backend.
  • Society maintenance mobile app

    Society maintenance operations can be automated with this kind of mobile app. Society maintenance mobile app can have features like meeting notifications, meeting agendas, Facility maintenance, vendor data and other related features.  
  • Live music concert

    or event like stand-up comedy etc real-time on nominal fees. Artist can sign up and earn if have no other current assignments.
  • A mobile app for finding a public toilet in the nearby area. It will be a useful app for almost everyone all over the world.

One should carry out market research before investing in any mobile app development idea. These are just indicative suggestions that user can think about. One can consult Mobile application development companies for further assistance where required.