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iFour Technolab Private Limited is now a CloudBoost partner


Apr 26, 2016

iFour Technoloab Private Limited announces a Business partnership with CloudBoost.

Cloudboost is a cloud services provider and backend as a service company based in Hyderabad, India. The company makes a number of products for software developers building mobile or web applications. CloudBoost was launched with a complete cloud database solution in March 2014. CloudBoost’s primary product is a complete database which provides an API that allows developers to store, query, search and have real-time data on multiple clients and thus develop cross platform mobile applications.

iFour Technoloab Private Limited being one of the leading custom software development companies in USA with wide range of experience and expertise in developing custom software applications for various industries and domain, now collaborates with CloudBoost.

The partnership of iFour Technolab Private Limited and the Cloudboost platform would provide comprehensive solution according to the business needs by unifying iFour’s vast experience in various domain and industries like Education, Hospitality, Healthcare, Oil and gas industry, Insurance, Construction, Retail and Travel Industry and the technological expertise of CloudBoost that would accelerate the mobile application development. This partnership would accelerate the mobile application development at iFour Technolab Private Limited. The partnership would contribute to create industry benchmarks in different niche areas including custom apps, business apps, web apps, game apps and much more. The sustained focus in mobile application development will set iFour apart as a mobile application development company.