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IoT with Azure behind the scenes


July 30, 2022

iFour Technolab has hosted a meetup - “IoT with Azure behind the scenes” on 30 July 2022 which unveiled the principles of Microsoft Azure and IoT procedures. The session was entirely focused on integrating IoT apps with Azure and making the most of their combination.

This was the second IoT meetup organized by this eminent custom software development company and the main aim of this session was to educate employees on what IoT is, how it works with Microsoft Azure, and how amazingly they streamline operations.

ioT with Azure

The meetup began with a discussion on the fundamentals of Microsoft Azure, why we need it, and the kinds of services it provides. One of the experts described the Azure-IoT app connection paradigm, its operational challenges, and effective solutions.

ioT with Azure

How does IoT work with Azure?

Azure-IoT is a powerful tool that enables organizations to deploy, manage and scale IoT applications. It provides a bi-directional setup that helps them with excellent security and fidelity. This platform can be implemented using the Raspberry Pi, a small yet powerful computer, or the Arduino, a sturdy microcontroller. Our expert has explained the key differences between Raspberry Pi and Arduino to help them understand these two platforms clearly.

ioT with Azure

More than 60 experts attended this two-hour workshop, where they passionately exchanged technical experiences, collaborated on whiteboards, and offered their perspectives on Azure-IoT development services.

ioT with Azure

Our team of experts employed Raspberry Pi to present the practical demonstration of Azure-IoT workflow.

They described the basic connections of the “Raspberry Pi circuit” with the temperature sensor, and the tactics to capture real-time data which simply amazed the spectators.

ioT with Azure

Given below are the configuration phases of Pi –

  • OS installation

  • Connecting Pi to the internet

  • View Pi on Computer

  • Connecting sensor and recording data

ioT with Azure

Understanding Azure-IoT services is critical since they help in addressing security concerns. Azure-IoT provides many value-added services, and the essential ones are -

  • Azure IoT Hub

  • Azure IoT Central

  • Azure Sphere

One of the developers highlighted these Azure-IoT services and explained how sensors connect with IoT platforms to simplify operations.

ioT with Azure

Temperature sensor

This use case is all about detecting temperature using sensors. In this, an external sensor will monitor the temperature of its surroundings. It will then transfer the data to the Raspberry Pi and show it graphically using external tools.

ioT with Azure

Stream analytics job

This use case focuses on analyzing and processing large volumes of real-time data. For desired results, you may use filters to sort, aggregate, and combine real-time data.

Employee participation in this session was tremendous. Several experts posed insightful questions that strengthened our thoughts on the rise of IoT-Azure and help to drive tomorrow's innovations. We also discussed the real-world usages of IoT and how it could benefit the company’s growth strategy for 2022.

To conclude this meetup, Mr. Bharat Parmar, the Director at iFour Technolab said –

“Thank you, everyone, for your efforts and enthusiasm in making Azure-IoT meetup a success. Every session we’ve done here has brought some value to our time. This session, in particular, was excellent and instructive, with real-time use cases. Looking forward to your unwavering commitment to learning and development as it keeps us up to stay current.”

Check out the complete session of IoT-Azure here –