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Tech Meetup: MVVM Light for WPF held at iFour

May 13,2019

Meetups expand our network and our sphere of influence. Keeping in mind, once again we held a remarkable meetup event of this month on last week, Saturday 11th May. It was all about, how to get started with MVVM Light for WPF technology. WPF, previously known as "Avalon" was initially released as part of .NET Framework 3.0 in 2006 and it helps to many WPF development companies by providing a consistent programming model for building applications.

Our objective of this meetup was to share the important assets and the real world knowledge about this Unified technology. We had announced this meetup on the website of meetup.com and Eventbrite.com one month prior and asked all Techies to register themselves. The event was totally free for the participants.

IT professionals who were keen of learning this emerging technology was entitled to join this meetup. iFour employees and trainees had actively participated for this event.

There were 3 technical experts in total who handled the session from the beginning. WPF developers who have an extensive knowledge on this Technology and are working on a live project were the speakers.

The Meetup was started in the morning at 10:00 AM, There were around 20 participants. One of our Speaker Ms. Bharti commenced the event with the company’s introduction then after continued with the topics to be covered in the meetup. Eventually all our speakers handled the further topics with the theories and practical’s representation. Guests were served with tea and snacks amid the presentation. At the end, we scheduled doubt solving session to clear our participant’s doubts and queries individually.

The Meetup ended at around 12.00 PM. knowledge sharing, positivity, and the valuable discussions made an event Spectacular. All the guests were requested to fill the feedback form.

A sincere thanks to our iFour Team and all the participants for making the event victorious!