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Old Age Home Visit by iFour Technolab

May 21, 2019

"WHEN SOMEONE VISITS ME, I AM HAPPY- Said the old age Home."

IFour Technolab, software development company, had arranged one visit to old age home at Vadil Niwas- Sola Bhagwat on 21st May 2019 from 4:00 PM to 7:00 PM. When iFour team visited this old age home, we got to know that being old is not easy. We could actually see the pain and loneliness in each person's eye.

The old age home had one care-taker Mr. Pandya who monitors the old age people of Vadil Niwas and a few helpers to take care of them.

A visit to an old-age home was a life-changing experience as it is filled with emotions and sentiments. We had an opportunity to visit an old-age home with iFour Team. Vadil Niwas had 20 rooms for the people residing there with one kitchen. Also had one big hall where they can have their Lunch and Dinner with Big LCD screen to watch TV and can refresh their minds.

We had arranged snacks for them. We had also played games like passing the parcel, Musical chairs and they had enjoyed Garba at their fullest. Winners were given surprise gifts. We had spent a wonderful evening sharing love and happiness. We filled their hearts with joy and our mind with unforgettable memories and wise thoughts. We had also asked them to share their experience with us and they were very so happy that they requested us to visit their old age home once again in near future with some more time.

The visit to the old-age home was a fulfilling experience for us as we came back home with not only memories but also some valuable lessons. This was a huge learning experience for us and after spending 3-4 valuable hours no one from us wanted to go back home.