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Lazy is the new smart, let IoT handle it

24 June 2022

iFour Technolab, a reputed Microsoft 365 development company in USA, hosted a meetup on “Lazy is the new smart, let IoT handle it”, on 24 June 2022. The main objective of this meetup was to educate employees on what IoT is, how it works, and how amazingly it simplifies our lives.

IOT Event

The meetup began with a discussion on an overview of IoT, why we need it, and the kinds of sensors it uses.

What is IoT?

IoT is an abbreviation for the "Internet of Things". As the name implies, it is a collection of interconnected gadgets or machines capable of transmitting data over a network with little or no human intervention.

To demystify how IoT works internally, one of our specialists presented the demo, which covered the notion of how sensors work and how they simplify operations.

IOT Event

More than 50 experts participated in this two-hour session where they learned about and discussed the importance of IoT, made presentations, collaborated on whiteboards, and shared their examples with each other.

IOT Event

In addition, they also discussed IoT’s real-world usage and how it could benefit the company’s growth strategy for 2022.

IOT Event

Why do we need IoT?

IoT is an absolute need for humans since it improves the quality of life and reduces stress by allowing machines to think and respond using sensors. Furthermore, it saves time.

IOT Event

While several use cases were proposed, our experts presented a practical demonstration of three use cases to show how IoT could be used.

Crowd Detection

This use case will warn you if the number of persons in a limited space exceeds a certain threshold. This can be beneficial in places where gatherings must be restricted, for example, in the ICU. To make it realistic, they obtained a premium license for data visualization called “Thingspeaks” and used ultrasonic sensors to detect the threshold.

IOT Event

Desk availability

Another intriguing demo given was “Desk availability,” which was used to determine whether a person was available at his desk or not. For this, they employed ultrasonic sensors to determine the presence of objects in a specified area and calculate the distance between the object and the area.

IOT Event

Smart conference room

“Imagine your air conditioner turns on as you enter the room! That sounds cool, right? This is what this use case is all about. When it detects the presence of a human, it will immediately switch on the air conditioning.”

Our expert shared in detail her experiences with IoT design, from the early phases through deployment. In addition, she demonstrated how IR sensors may be used to extract raw data from an AC or any other electrical equipment.

IOT Event

Employee participation in these presentations was tremendous, as evidenced by many insightful questions that strengthened our views with regard to the rise of IoT and will continue to shape tomorrow's innovations.

“We are delighted to share our thoughts with a demo. It was a pleasure to share our enthusiasm for these projects with employees and to provide them the opportunity to learn about IoT handled by sensors.” – iFour team of experts

To conclude this meetup, Vinod Satapara, Director, and technology expert at iFour Technolab said – “Every session we’ve done has brought value to our time, but this one is particularly great and instructive. It is a fact that as technology evolves, we must keep up with the times to stay current. And IoT is one such technology that has taken the world by storm. Hence, we decided to take the meetup to the next level by incorporating real-time use cases.

Thank you, everyone, for your efforts and enthusiasm in making the meetup a success. Looking forward to your unwavering commitment to learning and development.”

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