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iFour Technolab Celebrated International Women's Day 2021

8 March 2021

Women's empowerment has brought a magnificent change in the society. Their tremendous feat in the three waves of Feminism i.e., the First wave – Right to vote, the Second wave – Liberation movement, Third-wave – redefining their ideas, has put an unforgettable mark in the world.

By dominating the man’s world with incredible talent and power, they have eliminated the gender inequalities, created opportunities, and thrashed the perceptions of the feeble society.The change women have brought to this world is absolutely phenomenal, words are not enough to define that. Today, they are steering the prospects of high-profile companies with deep tech knowledge and taking them to the next levels. Besides, they are also playing a key role in the socio-economic development of the society.

Recognizing all their efforts and contributions to the company, iFour Technolab has celebrated ‘International Women’s Day’ on 8 March 2021. To honor their diligent endeavors, our official heads distributed wonderful gifts and chocolates to all the ladies working in this custom software development company.

As a part of acknowledgment and appreciation, we have arranged gratifying activities in the evening, clicked several pictures together, decorated the office, enjoyed playing Garba, and created unforgettable memories.

Today women are not less than anyone, in fact, they have really come out as successful achievers at times. They are the best example of passion and enthusiasm. Thanks for transforming the odd perception of society with your talent and power.

Being a woman is really hard, as she has to play every possible role at different stages of her life. She is the real architect of the society who keeps a perfect balance between her family and professional work. To appreciate that effort, our employees gave a valuable standing ovation for all the amazing girls in the firm.

To express gratitude for their sacrifices and achievements, team members of different departments have individually shared their experiences about how their female colleagues, friends, and sisters motivated them in their lives.

Facts revealed that women as a leader are more transformational than men. Not only do they help in personal development of their minions but also drive them towards success. Woman with education, ambition, and vision provide value to the society. She is a symbol of courage and a sign of perfection. No matter what field it is, she can #ChoosetoChallenge and inspire the world. International Women’s Day is symbolized with three colours i.e., Purple, Green, and White.

Purple represents ‘Justice & Dignity’, Green for ‘Hope’, and White signifies ‘Purity’.As you could have observed, every year there has also a theme for Women’s day to celebrate their social, political, economic, and cultural achievements. And as a part of that, here we have a wonderful theme for 2021 dedicated to all the amazing girls i.e., “Choose to challenge”.