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iFour Technolab Blockchain Meetup

June 10, 2018

iFour Technolab Blockchain software company USA believes in providing sustainable and robust IT solutions to our Clients by focusing on Cutting edge Technologies. Company is already making its headway into one such Technology which is ‘Blockchain’. However, we do not confine our knowledge within the organization, but rather strive to take the Technology to the next level through Industry collaboration and Knowledge sharing.

Keeping in mind the same vision, iFour Technolab organised its first ever meetup on Blockchain on 9th June 2018. The main motto of this meetup was to Demystify this emerging Technology which has a potential to revolutionize the IT Industry. Company had announced its meetup on the website of meetup.com 20 days prior and had asked people to register themselves if they are interested in the event. surprisingly the response was so good, that the company had to close its RSVP within one week of announcement. All Thanks to the trending Technology of Blockchain!

Anyone who was keen on learning the new technology was entitled to join this meetup. No fees were charged from the participants. There were total 6 speakers for the meetup including Technical experts and Blockchain Consultants who have a thorough knowledge on this Technology and are working on a live project in Blockchain. Before the actual event, multiple mock ups were held on regular basis so as to ensure that the event would go smoothly without any hassle.

Our employees and associates had actively participated and volunteered themselves for this event. Initially our Team was apprehensive that people would not show up as it was weekend however people started arriving from 9.45 A.M. Two volunteers who were sitting near the reception greeted our guests and escorted them to the seminar hall. There were given the feedback form right before the start of event. There were around 50 participants.

We started the event at sharp 10.10 AM after keeping the buffer of 10 min. It started with wonderful introduction speech given by our employee followed by a short round of participant’s introduction. Subsequently the actual presentation began. One of our Speakers gave an introduction on Blockchain and talked about its evolution. This was followed by a lengthy speech on topic of ‘Blockchain Transaction processing’ given by one of our consultants. It was quite an Interactive and lively session. We had a mix audience of developers, managers and techies out of which many were completely new to this Technology. Guests were served with tea and snacks amid the presentation.

Our Technical team gave their insights on Technical aspects of Blockchain which was followed by a live demo presentation. All the queries & doubts of the Participants were addressed by our speakers. Post this demo, our speakers talked about some of the real time examples of Blockchain and also explained the pros and cons of this technology.

The session ended at around 12.00 PM and all the guests were requested to handover the feedback form. After looking at overwhelming response from our audience iFour Technolab Blockchain software company USA can definitely say that they had a very thoughtful and enriching session.