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Christmas Week Celebration at iFour Technolab

January 3,2020

Our very vast iFour family celebrated “The Great Christmas Week” and “Prosperous New Year” with Joyous joy. We decorated our “beautiful office” along with the Christmas tree and sweet tree toys. The Great Christmas week celebration, was started with Signature Day and followed the Corporate Day, Red or White Day, Traditional Day, and iFour Day. We played so many interesting games during the great Christmas week celebration. Every employee of our iFour family actively participated and enjoyed a lot during the Great Christmas week and these were special moments of our lives which we believe will last forever.

Day 1: Signature Day

Same as every year, iFour Family celebrated “The Signature Day” with immense pleasure for light-hearted employees’ feelings. As we are having a very vast family of iFour, many members come and join in our family every year. Thus, “The signature Day” is celebrated to share their amazing thoughts for every member. Every employee was in the company, wore white T-shirts and they imprinted their intuition in the form of interesting idioms & creative caricature on each other’s t-shirts as a delightful remembrance for successive years. It went crazy when we decided to pull everyone even who did not have white tee & ended with face painting which was a very epic moment of the day.

Day 2: Corporate Day

Since we are in the corporate world and every custom software development company. wants to celebrate the corporate day, each employee must be present in the corporate culture especially for the trainees & new employees. Corporate Day is essential for every member who works for “iFour Technolab” to promote ‘creativity’ inside them, boost company ‘moral’ and build a better and ‘focused team’ to achieve the goal for iFour and with iFour. Every iFour employee wore the professional dress for representing respect towards satisfied corporate culture at iFour. We had a group picture session as well at the end of that day.

Day 3: Red or White Day (Christmas Day)

On 3rd day, our iFour family celebrated Christmas as a “red and white” day in our office. We all wore a red or white dress to representing our-self as “Santa”. Everyone was astonished when they saw a “Real Santa” in the iFour premises who is distributing chocolates and gifts among all the employees. It was a glaring surprise to everyone as it never happened before. We also had an enjoyable game session to spread Fun & Weirdness among all the Employees at the end of the day. We had a great Christmas day in our iFour.

Day 4: Traditional Day

In this complex world where work has become too mechanical, the traditional day celebration comes as a stress buster because this celebration helps in inter-departmental bonding. The tradition of different culture brings a different kind of people together and unite them. This time we followed Gujarati Traditional theme, as our iFour family members were in the traditional outfit on that day. We had organized “Garba”-a well-mannered Gujarati Folk dance and everyone enjoyed it with playing on amazing different soundtracks.

Day 5: iFour Day

The iFour family celebrated iFour Day by organizing the “Blanket” distribution drive to the needy people living on the walkway. The purpose was to spread the message of sympathy, love, and sacrifices to the society. The company distributed specially designed iFour t-shirts to every member of iFour Family as a symbol of unity and equity at iFour. We capture these unique moments leading “Unity and Equity at iFour” with an organized group photo session.

In this way, iFour family celebrated “The Great Christmas Week” and “Prosperous New Year”. Same as always, iFour family is always ready to celebrate all religious festivals with great joy & spirit every year.