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iFour Team - December 16, 2021

Smart Ways to Leverage Modern Technology for Business Success

Table of Content 1. Leverage Technology to Learn New Skills 2. Integrate Technology in Operations 3. Create Ease of Communication 3.1 With customers 3.2 Among employees 4. Plan Your Finances 5. Revamp Your Customer Service Experience 6. Beneficial Technological Innovations Today 6.1 The Wonder That Is Cloud Computing 6.2 Big Data to the Rescue 6.3 Artificial Intelligence to Reduce Costs 7. Takeaway [source : pixabay ] The...


iFour Team - December 06, 2021

5 Best OCR Tools to Convert Images Into Text Format

Table of Content 1. What Is Optical Character Recognition (OCR)? 2. 5 Free OCR Tools for bloggers to extract text from images 2.1. Editpad.com 2.2. Ocr.best 2.3. Free-online-ocr 2.4.simpleocr.com 2.5.ocrsolutions.com 3. Benefits of Using OCR Technology 3.1. Save time and effort 3.2. Accuracy 3.3.Cost-cutting measures 4. Conclusion Manually converting text in images is a time-consuming and difficult operation for bloggers and marketers...


iFour Team - December 15, 2020

Top 10 Accounting Software for Small and Medium Enterprises

It doesn’t matter whether you love it or not, Finances have always been the key pillar of any successful setup.Perhaps, you might have also got involved in the work related to Finances in your firm like filing, submitting invoices from vendors,verifying account related details in the accounting department,etc. Whatever exertion you fall into; this rule holds true. As the accounting platform is a vast structure to handle, it becomesvery crucial to keep sucha system streamlined and organized.Thus,...


iFour Team - December 10, 2020

10 Code management software for enterprise outsourcing projects

Code Management software can also be termed as Version Control Software (VCS). The team of developers uses this to manage their code versions individually and everyone in the team can track the changes from the code repository. It is also possible to compare previous versions with the current version before commit, and you can also revert to the previous versions as well.   Table of Content 1. Github 2. Gitlab 3. Azure DevOps (Microsoft Team Foundation) 4. Google cloud...


iFour Team - November 17, 2020

Top 12 ERP Solutions for small and medium enterprises by Experts

It is a fact that the small and medium-sized enterprises constantly look for the solutions which make their internal working approaches much easier and effective. And among them, ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) is the one that help the companies not just with time but also with budget. ERP solution benefits the organizations with resource planning, its management and empowers the strength of the business. With efficiency and rapid development, companies can gain a competitive edge in the...


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