Zend framework

Zend Framework is an open source framework that is used for PHP5. It uses an object-oriented approach that makes development in Zend framework very easy and organized. Zend Framework is a component library because it has many closely related components which can be used almost independently.

Zend Framework also called ZF, has brought drastic improvement in the development of PHP web applications. Zend Framework allows the creation of strong and powerful PHP applications, which are far more advanced than the traditional ones. Zend Frameworkhas become one of the world’s most popular website development frameworks around the world that creates interactive and robust websites.

Why Zend framework?

The Zend framework has lots of features that help a coder. They are:

  • ZF is an Object-oriented platform consisting of many OO concepts like inheritance. This allows its components to be extended to a very good extent and also this helps developers to vary with the components of ZF in their own way. This feature helps in customization in many projects.
  • As in Zend framework, everything needs to be used as objects it is possible for the codes to be made reusable. Coders very rarely prefer to repeat their codes and hence reusability turns out to be a very helpful feature.
  • The components of Zend Framework are decoupled; meaning that all the components are separated. This feature results in all the components having a different library, instead of being a whole framework. But the specialty is the ‘glue framework’ which lets the decoupled components to be glued or attached to the existing applications.
  • Zend framework has a lot of components those can be integrated. It can integrate many components starting from user authentication to access control to resources.
  • There is no model implementation in the Zend framework. This helps the developers by using it in a versatile way to use the components to achieve effective results. There are no restrictions to implementation of the Zend framework in this regard.
  • The flexible nature of Zend framework helps developers to integrate external libraries into the platform. This is only possible for the decoupled nature of the Zend framework.
  • The quality of coding is very high. A Contributor License Agreement must be signed by every contributor. This makes the code highly reliable, verified and easily understandable.
  • There is a Test-Driven Development Practiceby which developers are required to write tests for their code. This makes it very easy for the people concerned to exchange codes and create documents for better understanding.
  • It is a complex framework which is why there is a sharp learning curve in the Zend framework community. The documentations that are easily understandable make it possible for the developers to learn this technology really quick.
  • Zend framework platform offers Certifications for both Zend Framework and PHP. This adds extra advantage to emerging developers and learners to have an extra edge in their profile.

Usage of Zend framework

Zend Framework consists of a lot of professional PHP packages that can be used to develop many website applications using PHP 5.6+. It uses a 100% object oriented approach.

In Zend Framework,Composer is used as a package dependency manager; PHPUnit is used to test all packages; and Travis CI is used as a Continuous Integration service. Also, PHP-FIG standards are followed, and an application of PSR-7 for HTTP message interfaces is made.

Zend framework 3 is the latest version which has been developed by using version 1 and 2. The new version has many new features. Its basic MVC framework has now been added with a PSR-7 middleware microframework. This new feature is known as expressive. The other two new features are: PSR-7(which is an HTTP message interface) implementation, Diactoros and a PSR-7 middleware foundation,Stratigility.

iFour services

iFour Technolab has a huge experience in various technologies and services. Our team has an expertise on Zend framework and we have been successfully implementing it over the years. Our experience with Zend has been on projects of various kinds which has made us understand the framework really well. We provide services to firms of all types-small to large. With our innovative approach, we have been successful in providing services to all of our clients. We put our client’s problems to the top most priority and thereafter work on solving those problems.

The different Zend Framework Development services that we provide are:

Zend Application Development services
iFour is an expert in creating PHP applications using Zend framework. We help in developing simple, innovative, high performance and cost effective applications.
Zend Integration services
We can also integrate with other services to make you experience a better service than ever. We have worked on various projects where integration was necessary and have been successful in those.

Zend Customization services
We customize the needs of our clients and provide a holistic support to them by understanding their business requirements and strategies.
Zend Web Development services
We excel in proving the best website solutions by using PHP Zend framework and ensure that our clients receive our best services every time.

Zend Web Upgradation services
We master in all the versions of Zend Framework. We can upgrade the older versions of Zend framework to the latest ZF 3 so that our clients are always up to dated to the technology.
Zend Platform Migration services
Along with knowing various versions of Zend, we also can also use it for migration services. Migration service is the one which needs a lot of varied knowledge which we have gained by working with the various clients all over the world.
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