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YII is an open source website application development framework written in PHP5. Itsperformance is extremely optimized performance and is suitable for all kinds of projects. As compared to other PHP frameworks, its performance is much higher andhence its popularity and use is continually growing at an increasing rate.iFourTechnolab, India’s leading website development, mobile development and application development company has clients all around the globe and this experience has made us an expert in various technologies. Learning new technologies and applying them very efficiently is what we have mastered in.

Why YII?

The various reasons for which YII framework has been so popular are:

  • High performance : The performance is higher compared to most of the other PHP frameworks. The YII team has developed a statisticon ‘requests per second’ that means the number of requests processed per second by an application and comparedthe RPS of YII with other frameworks. The high number of RPS shows higher performance of YII framework.
  • Better security : YII framework has security features that set it apart from other frameworks. It has client and server side validation and these validation rules can be enabled or disabled at will. Other frameworks need these validation rules to be written separately whereas YII has built-in authentication support.
  • YII stores cached data through many cache components that it has. This caching system is better than most other frameworks.
  • Codes of other frameworks can be used in YII applications. Thus, YII can be used with third party codes as well. 3rd party code compatibility makes it appealing choice for developers.
  • Customization is another feature that is different in YII framework. Customization comes really easy with YII as the code structure is very simple. YII is totally object oriented, clean and easily extensible.

Usage of YII

The YII framework uses the model, view and controller (MVC) architecture where the model represents the basic information and business rules, view contains the elements of the end user and the controller controls the interaction between the model and the view.

The lazy loading technology in YII framework makes it very fast. The lazy loading technology enables afunctionality only when it is invoked for the first time. This makes it fast as only those functionalities are enabled which are needed.

The Data Access Objects feature allows easier change of the working DBMS to a different one with ease. This can be done without any change of code as the DAO accesses the data. Hence YII eliminates the need to write repetitive SQL queries and developers can create databases in terms of objects.

YII framework comes with AJAX enabled widgets. It makes the writing of the code very easy and also maintains the efficiency.

YII framework has a very impressive authentication support. Authorization via Role-based access control makes it very secure. Moreover there is also an error handling and correction mechanism makes YII all the more efficient. YII is also equipped with many security features to prevent attacks on the website applications.

Automatic code generation allows developers to be free from rewriting codes by providing a set of code generation tools. The documentation feature is also made very properly and efficiently. New users find it really very easy to learn the YII framework with the set of documents available. It also has an extensive library that provides a long list of features.

iFour services

iFourTechnolab has a huge experience in various technologies and services including YII framework. We have implemented YII framework in many projects and attained expertise in it. We provide a lot of services in which development through YII framework is very easy.

The different services that we provide have helped our customers the challenges that they faced and hence we have been successful in providing the ultimate satisfaction to the clients. Our clients belong to USA, Australia, Netherlands, New Zealand and many other parts of Europe.

The different services of YII framework that iFour provides are:

YII Web development services
The custom web development services that we provide are highly reliable and help our clients to always remain ahead in the competition.
YII Modules and plugin development
Our services are varied and we offer services in plugin and module development as well. The solutions that we provided have been extremely useful to our clients and the problems they faced have been sorted out by us.

YII Customization solutions
We have specialized in providing customized solution. All of our solutions have been unique and we have always gone with innovation to meet our clients business and technical needs.
YII Migration services
Our expertise in YII framework makes us capable of being able to migrate from one platform to another in a very convenient way.

The features that YII framework provides, makes it fast, secured and a product of high capability. It is a open source platform where developers can be highly innovative by improvising their skills. The framework is very flexible and provides a very intuitive environment. Because of its innovation and user friendly nature, the YII framework is turning out to be one of the most used and preferred framework of PHP.

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