Software Maintenance

The world is moving very fast as lightning. IT infrastructure evolves gradually which obligate the software to be maintained and upgrade periodically to remain in competition.

Software development is comparatively easier than Software Maintenance. Applications have become the new phase of web and mobile engagement, and application maintenance is now a major contributor to a company’s competitive advantage and garners exponential growth. The technological growth rate in the software field is increasing day by day compared to most other fields.

It demands innovative thinking and detailed planning oriented approach to understand nitty-gritty of current system setup. You may not want to upgrade to latest version of the software to get that one feature out of the package. That’s where iFour Technolab specialized in. We are competent to provide custom solutions, feature enhancements and routine maintenance services for complex system setups. We provide software maintenance and support services which enables customer to focus better on core business functions.

iFour Technolab provides following Software and Application maintenance services.

  • Adaptive – IT industry is evolving very fast and thus there are enhancements in software and IT infrastructure as a whole periodically. These triggers the modifications in the system to cope up with changes in the software environment. iFour team helps to improve work patterns, software platforms, compilers, hardware upgrades, etc. that all effect the working of software. It is required to keep software fresh in changing circumstances and it helps to increase the lifespan of the software.
  • Perfective – We understand that business environment constantly changes and thus the underlying software requires modification. iFour team helps in implementing new or changed user requirements which concern functional enhancements to the software. It includes modification of software after the delivery of product.
  • Corrective – It is widely accepted that no software is 100% bug-free as software’s are custom built by human intelligence. iFour Technolab Pvt. Ltd. has skilled resources that helps in diagnosing and fixing errors, possibly ones found by users as well and bug fixing due to a bad code or a major system repair if the problem is advanced.
  • Preventive – If software is maintainable, it reduces lot of human efforts in maintaining software thus it reduces business loss. iFour team assists in increasing software maintainability or reliability to prevent problems in the future and acts like a vaccine to prevent problems and the additional repair costs that come with them.

Software Maintenance Methodology

We have developed well-defined and scalable maintenance process at our customer sites so that software demands minimum maintenance.

  • Documentation
  • Enlist software development stages
  • Knowledge sharing
  • Development methodologies
  • Knowledge depository
  • Continuous maintenance efforts

iFour's agile team provides services in effective and efficient manner to suit your requirements. We understand and respect the importance of timely response to various support tickets in maintenance services and team ensures that customer receives timely and satisfactory response to their needs and requests.

iFour team has extensive experience in performance tuning and making a software maintainable. Team boasts the concept of sustainable solution, a solution that lasts longer and takes future needs into consideration. The right personnel will troubleshoot the product, fix the defects, and test the results including regression tests to ensure that no functionality was broken by the fix.

Do you have software that requires maintenance services? Please send us details and be ready to be amazed by our excellent services. Get in touch with iFour team to learn more about software maintenance requirements. Some call software maintenance a necessary evil, but with the right amount of expertise and professional help, you can make it into what it really is – a good investment.

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