Quality is one of the most increasingly important factors in the healthcare industry. The technological advancement is introducing more challenges than ever before. Customers are demanding transparency of data and processes. As a consequence, healthcare industry is moving towards the patient-centered approach improving patient care and experience. Some of the major challenges of healthcare industry include:

  • Increase in efficiency
  • The operations and processes of healthcare organizations are complex and inefficient. This increases the pressure to reduce costs and improve operational efficiency and requires large improvements and modernization to operate more efficiently.

  • Data Security
  • Cyber-attacks and data breaches on healthcare organizations are increasing. Proper security mechanisms are required to minimize the intrusion.

  • Increase in customer expectations
  • The best customer experience is the key to success of any industry. The advent of technology is increasing the customers’ demand for better support and care from the healthcare organizations.

  • Increase in competition
  • Market conditions and industry developments affect the growth of any business. Increase in biomedical and health informatics in recent years is affecting the growth and sustainability of the healthcare industry.

iFour Technolab Pvt. Ltd., a leading custom healthcare software development company in India, provides custom software development services to organizations in Healthcare industry. Our team puts significant effort into recording and analyzing customer’s needs. Our customized software packages make your business flourish and fulfill your requirements.

Role of IT in Healthcare Industry

Information technology helps the healthcare organizations in providing better services to patients and making better decisions. Some of the technologies like e-prescriptions, electronic transactions, and electronic medical records helps in increasing the business functionality, removes data ambiguities, reduces the time of staff and physicians and enhances the relationship between the organization and patients. IT provides the ability to measure and monitor patients’ health and provides better analytics to the physicians.

How iFour delivers business value

Software applications are developed by considering the overall preferences and requirements in general. But organizations require innovative solutions to solve problems specific to their business and environment. We help you accelerate your business by choosing the right technology and processes that suit your budget and requirements. Our custom software development team will help you define your business processes and transfer them in an effective solution that will sustain and support your future business growth. Our solutions benefit you in the following ways:

  • Increased scalability and flexibility by designing and changing the product as per your business requirements
  • Competitive advantage by providing unique and innovative solutions that set your company apart from your competitors
  • Higher and faster business value realization by aligning IT with your business processes and delivering the solution on time
  • Cost Optimization and enhanced operational efficiency by using cloud services , open source tools, and automation
  • Business process transformation through constant and continuous improvements and innovation as and when required

Case Study

iFour Technolab Pvt. Ltd. develops custom software that meets the most challenging IT problems. We strive to deliver solutions with reduced budgets and higher business expectations. We make sure that the custom-made software that is built based on your specific requirements and preferences; passes through right processes to provide you custom software with better quality for your business.