CodeIgniter, a strong PHP framework is built for developers who need an easy and stylish way to develop website applications having full features. CodeIgniter is based on model–view–controller (MVC) where the controller class is compulsory and model and view classes are optional. It can be modified to maintain a modular group of Controller, model and view by using something called the Hierarchical MVC (HMVC).iFourTechnolab, leading custom website development company, has used CodeIgniter in many projects and mastered its applications in different services that it provides. iFour has an expert team of professionals who have gained enormous experience and knowledge of CodeIgniter.

Why CodeIgniter?

CodeIgniter is widely used by companies because of the following reasons:

  • The model-view-controller(MVC) architecture is something which is used by almost all the coding frameworks now-a-days. The MVC architecture provides nice code segregation and keeps it neat.
  • CodeIgniter works with both PHP 4 and 5. This fact that the framework works on either, makes working seamlessly between the two platforms much easier.
  • CodeIgniter is very easy to understand, write and extend. New libraries, modifying the existing libraries and modifying the overall framework can quite easily be done in CodeIgniter.
  • CodeIgniter has a lot of built in libraries and tools in one single package. It also consists of help options for things like forms, file handling, arrays, strings, cookies, directories and more. Moreover, libraries and help option of own can be created if the in-built are not enough.
  • Installing new frameworks is one of the toughest experiences by any coder. If UNIX is used, a lot of commands are required for the installation process. CodeIgniter can be installed by directly uploading the files to the directory. No prior or peer packages or server modifications are required for this purpose.
  • CodeIgniter allows the implementation of as much low or high security as required by the app. There are some things that it does by default like unsetting of all global variables. But there are lots of security features that can be enabled or disabled as per necessity.
  • With a very efficient database extraction layer, easy inserting, deleting and updating can be done without the need to write raw SQL. It handles connection to multiple databases within one application and also lets manipulation of databases like add/remove columns from tables and create new tables.
  • It has a large user community, which allows a platform for a wide discussion. The CodeIgniter website has a forum and wiki for answering various questions to be answered.
  • The biggest advantage of CodeIgniter is its documentation. EllisLab is the company behind CodeIgniter and they spend a lot of time that is very necessary to have proper documentations for their user community.

Usage of CodeIgniter

CodeIgniter has a bag full of helpers, libraries, plug-ins and resources that facilitate in making many complex functions and procedures for which PHP is famous well known. And at the same time, it makes sure that its performance is maintained. It simplifies the PHP codes, makes the codes of the websites streamlined and also provides professional, interactive and powerful websites in very less time.

CodeIgniter is very easy to get adjusted to and the methodology is friendlier as compared to other frameworks. However, familiarity with PHP is a pre-requisite. Understanding of basic PHP syntax as well as a good practical knowledge of PHP’s interaction with a database and its relationship with HTML is required.

Functionalities that would take huge line of codes of PHP to run can be narrowed down to, in some cases, one line of code with CodeIgniter.

iFour Services

iFourTechnolabhas used the CodeIgniter framework in many projects. With the expert and experienced team of developers, we have used CodeIgniter in many website and mobile applications. We have a passionate, experienced and an expert team dedicated to web application development and website development. Our clients come from all over the world and we have continuously been able to satisfy our customers.

The various CodeIgniter development services that iFour Technolab provides are:

CodeIgniter Custom Web Applications
The web application solutions that we provide are highly customized to fulfill the business needs of the client
CodeIgniter Web portal development services
We help our clients increase their business by developing web portals with CodeIgniter framework that are of a global level

CodeIgniter Web based CMS development
We develop very interactive and effective CMS that are suited as per the requirements of the client’s business.
CodeIgniter Application development services
Our expert teams provide experienced solutions by using CodeIgniter framework for application development. We provide solutions that are very easy to understand

CodeIgniter Website maintenance
Our team of experts is always available to provide support to our clients. Any issue raised by our client is acted on immediately and solved with all efficiency
CodeIgniter Platform migration  services
We have a lot of experience in proving Migration solutions to our clients. Migration using CodeIgniter platform is one thing that we have tremendous expertise on.

CodeIgniter is a very powerful and strong concept with extensive list of libraries and helpers. Also one does not need to worry about complex configuration and classes with CodeIgniter. It is only required to download the latest version from their website and after unzipping and setting up a few simple things, it is good to go. Most importantly, it makes the development very interactive and easy and never compromises with the performance quality.

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