WooCommerce eCommerce Solution

WooCommerce is the most popular e-commerce website development platform. It extends all its facilities by providing all technical and logistic features in the form of free and paid services. It is most favored because of its in-depth customization which gives complete control of the store to the owner. The fact that it is an open-source and built with developers in mind, it has gained lot of support and appreciation. iFour Technolab, a pioneer WooCommerce eCommerce solution provider, helps customer to develop online stores according to client requirement and needs. With WooCommerce, one can sell any type of product and ship anywhere in the world. Also, it supports all major payment gateways and shipping extensions. With the growing competitive market, WooCommerce have set out to build extensions for more personalization of the store in terms of product management, themes, front-end design, shipping, social connects, marketing and so on.

Why WooCommerce?

WooCommerce is an open source tool and includes various features to enhance customer experience and they are as follows:

  • Built for WordPress : It is built to integrate with WordPress.
  • Sell anything, anywhere : Creating website which is design friendly to anyone from any corner of world.
  • Mobile friendly : It is designed to ensure that all products look good to customers on mobile application and even it offers the facility to create store completely customizable.
  • Scalability : It can scale its services up to millions of users as an when the client business grows
  • Own your data : It helps to keep data safe and secure from third party software platform to keep business data confidential.
  • Secure code : WooCommerce follows best practice and coding standard of WordPress.
  • Worldwide community : It is open source so it has more community followers.
  • Open source : It is open source platform which helps to grow customers from an active and growing community of contributors.
  • Customer support : It has support team which is available to help customers with their needs and requirement
  • Documentation : It is inclusive of documentation armor topics like setup, extending, snippets, theming, third-party plugins, using webhooks, WooCommerce cookies, SSL and HTTPS.
  • Free and paid extension : It has various free and paid extensions to choose from a numerous feature and integrations.

Usage of the WooCommerce

Based on business strategy, one can conceptualize the selling locations, shipping locations, shipping costs, how taxes should be handled, preferred payment methods, refund policy, coupon management, sales report, tax report, customer report, etc. WooCommerce has various plugin that can be downloaded for handling features like shipment tracking, social media integration, ads, designs, SEO, etc, for customization.

The various features of using WooCommerce are:

  • Cross- and up-selling : A WooCommerce site provides you with cross-selling and up-selling features giving an extra boost to your sales.
  • Ample payment options : There are plenty of payment gateways like paying via credit cards, cash on delivery, PayPal and BACS (bank transfers). You can also integrate region-specific payment options including the favorite ones like Amazon Payments, Stripe and Authorize. Net
  • Flexible shipping options : You can either offer flat-rate shipping or free shipping or charge according to real-time calculations.

iFour services

iFour team takes stylish approach to determine and demonstrate suitable online store based on customer budget, merchandise, customer preference and schedule. iFour team ensures that online store is secure, reliable and ensures availability to provide the feel of personal touch which increases sales for customer. We also make sure that store is safe and is easy to use with an eye catching look and feel. This gives customer a memorable experience with online store.

iFour Technolab provides wide range of services, some of them are listed below:

WooCommerce store development
We provide customers with ecommerce solution and build custom website as per the need of customer
WooCommerce theme design and development
We help you with custom WooCommerce theme development at very competitive price without compromising on quality

WooCommerce theme integration and customizations
We provide theme integration and customization services to enhance the look and feel of website
WooCommerce version upgrade
We provide version up gradation of WooCommerce to bring the system up to date

WooCommerce maintenance and support
We help clients to accomplish impact with WooCommerce maintenance and provide support
WooCommerce Payment gateway Integrations
We help to integrate various payment gateways for smooth and efficient run of business

WooCommerce plugin and extension development
We are keen in fulfilling our client’s requirement using custom WooCommerce plugin and extensions development

iFour team researches and suggests appropriate online store based on customer budget and schedule. We focus on rendering the sustainable solutions to the client’s requirements of various domains. We provide innovative and creative eCommerce websites to customers to increase their website visitors and increase their return on investment.

Accelerate your business sales, productivity, and profitability with our sustainable and creative website design and development services. Improve your competitive edge and grow your potential customer base and business’s target market significantly by reduced costs, efficient operations, optimized business processes, and dedicated support with our e-commerce solutions.

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