CakePHP is a base for developer to create website application. Itis an open-source development framework for PHP.CakePHP allows programmers to work in a structured, fast way and at the same time to maintain the flexibility in use. It makes web development interesting and versatile. iFour Technolab excels in using many frameworks including CakePHP. We have worked with CakePHP on many projects and with clients in various parts of the world. Our expert team is such that we are able to master at many techniques very easily.

Why CakePHP?

There are a lot of reasons for which developers use CakePHP for development. Following are its most important uses:

  • It is a cohesive framework.It facilitates moving from one project to the other in a very easy way and with minimum overhead costs. Many customization features like integrating utility classes into an app can be done which makes it a very flexible framework.
  • CakePHP is an extremely organized framework. Create, read, update and delete (CRUD) functions helps the developers to read the necessary codes and apply those in a very simple way.
  • It has a large community of users. This is very helpful as communications between users can help the queries and problems get a quick solution.
  • The MVC architecture also helps in managing complex coding tasks in an easy way. The database management also becomes very comfortable in CakePHP framework.
  • In comparison to other frameworks, developers have to write very little code in CakePHP. The websites that are created are very professional and also are created in a very short time. It also requires very little configuration and can be easily used in all devices and browsers.
  • It is highly secured with a lot of inbuilt security features like SQL injection prevention, CSRF protection, and input validation.

Usage of CakePHP

Through the MVC architecture’s model, view and controller process, a lot of functionalities become very easy. Data handling i.e. insert, update, delete or read functions are supported by model, the view is the managing the screen that is viewed and controller is an interface between the view and the model.

Object relational mapping technique is present in CakePHP framework that offers many data manipulation techniques like relating different tables (defined from various classes) and definitions validation. This makes the writing of the codes very easy and effortless.

With the two classes - Appcontroller class and the AppModel almost everything can be changed in CakePHP. The AppController class is an application specific class in which application specific controllers can be extended. Similarly, models extend the AppModel class.

Special functionalities can be placed in components, helpers, behaviors which help in modularizing the projects. Reuse of codes is also there which saves a lot of time and effort.

CakePHP provides facilities to create tests those help in checking critical features in any application. This feature is very important when the code to be written is very huge and parts of the code should be checked frequently.

iFour services

iFour Technolab, an outstanding custom software development service provider, has a huge experience in CakePHP that has helped our clients in improving their business. We have worked in CakePHP with small, medium and large businesses. All over these years, our expertise in CakePHP has earned the confidence of our clients who are there worldwide with our versatile team who are well versed with many technologies.

The client’s needs and requirements have always been our top most priority and primary focus. That is why we have been so successful in satisfying our clients with the solutions that we provide.

The different CakePHP services that we provide are:

CakePHP Web Development services
With the highly effective management, we have been successful in providing web development solutions through CakePHP framework that have benefited our clients in various ways.
CakePHP Application development services
Our solutions through CakePHP framework has been a secret for the success of our clients globally. Our experts provide highly affordable solutions that meet our client’s requirements.

CakePHP Web Portal Development services
iFour Technolab is a renowned Indian PHP web development company and we also develop web portals for better assistance to our clients.
CakePHP Customization services
We offer customized solutions to our clients present across the globe. The solutions that we provide are fast, simple and efficient

CakePHP Platform migration services
We also offer migration services to CakePHP. With our wide knowledge in various technologies, migration becomes an easy task for us.

CakePHP is one of the least expensive and effective framework for web development. Through CakePHP, web development becomes very easy and simple.

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