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Is Blazor the future in Web App Development?

JavaScript has become the spine of modern web application development and it is the only programming language that is efficiently understood by browsers. Just take a moment and think about how the web platforms would be if JavaScript isn’t there. JavaScript seamlessly helps developers build fascinating and intriguing UIs on both web and mobile platforms and provides a dynamic and interactive user experience. More importantly, it is used for validations on the websites and execute...

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15 Expert tips to choose best Web Development Company for Outsourcing projects

No matter what type of business you have these days, if you want to increase the potential of it, you need a website. In fact, just having a website is not enough, you need to take care of certain factors like UI/UX design, modules, loading time, speed, themes, templates, functions and features, marketing strategy, etc. To handle all these things, definitely you need the best and reliable web development service provider. Table of Content 1. Quality of company processes 2....

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How MEAN Stack is Useful for Web Development?

MEAN is a collection of Open-source components that accumulatively offer an inclusive framework for developing dynamic web applications and initiating from the code running in the browser to the database. Table of Content 1. Benefits of Selecting MEAN Stack 1.1. Vivid Flexibility and Efficiency 1.2. Supreme Scalability 1.3. Cost-Effective 1.4. It’s a Complete JavaScript 1.5. Global Community Support 1.6. Ample Libraries 2. How will MEAN...

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Web Development Trends of 2020

Every year the world gets surprised with new innovation and latest trending technologies that shape the Web development environment and occupies the attention of esteemed Software development companies. From the last few years, we have observed these practically, beginning with static pages at one time and then updated to mobile responsiveness and now the chatbots. Day by day the new trends are propelling the market growth with great digitalization across the globe. Keeping up with all...

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Top 10 Free PHP Frameworks

Top 10 Free PHP Frameworks of 2018 for Web Development

Table of Content Why use PHP Framework? Over the past couple of years, web development industry has seen innovative changes in frameworks. With the passing of time well-known PHP frameworks like Laravel, CodeIgniter, CakePHP, Symfony, Zend Framework and Yii have simply got better and become a handy tool for developers to create large application effortlessly for web development companies in India. 1. LARAVEL 2. CodeIgniter 3. CakePHP 4. Symfony 5. Zend...

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