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frontend application in  ASP .NET Cor  web API

Authentication using cookie for frontend application in ASP.NET Core web API

In earlier days, there was no separation between the front end and back end, and these applications were treated as one. The authentication and authorization in web API can be done using cookies in the same way for a normal web application. The main advantage of using the cookie is to set it up easier than the JWT token. To secure web apps cookie-based authentication is the most popular choice. Table of Content 1. Cookie Options 2. Server Configuration 3. Defining...

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How to use ASP.NET Core Web APIs for Web Development

As its name suggests web API is a programming interface or application that provides a communication or interaction between software applications. Web API is usually used to provide an interface between websites and client applications for the data access. And this data access comes from a database and saved in the database as well. In ASP.Net, web API is used to make an easy HTTP web service that directly connect with the client applications, mobile applications, desktop...

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