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Bitcoin vs Ethereum vs Litecoin vs Ripple: Which one is better?

Overview The rapid digital transformation has changed the world in an unimaginable way with the latest trends and technologies. Among these, Blockchain, Bitcoin has become a big buzz in the market. Almost every esteemed Blockchain development company has adopted it for implementing smart contract projects. Apart from that, the Digital currency has achieved an incredible success and almost replaced the hard cash payment systems at all points. If you move after the cryptocurrency markets,...

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Blockchain Consensus Algorithm

Blockchain Consensus Algorithm: Proof of Stake Vs. Proof of Work

There are so many innovative technologies that made a vibrating impact in the digital world and Blockchain is being one of them. It is of no surprise that Blockchain has gained a spectacular traction in the market and impelled many blockchain software development companies to adopt in the development process. In this blog, we are going to discuss about Blockchain Consensus Algorithm: Proof of Stake Vs Proof of Work. A consensus algorithm is a process used to achieve agreement...

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Blockchain and Architecture

Blockchain technology has gained splendid traction in the current innovative world. It has achieved tremendous heights of success and making path-breaking impacts in different industry verticals. Underpinning with the cryptocurrencies like Ethereum, Bitcoin, it has changed the game of impossibility. The best part of this innovation is that it had shattered the hacking activities of the hackers. Being the best approach for security, many esteemed blockchain software development companies...

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