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Windows Mobile App Development Services

Windows is the most innovative operating system and it frequent updates promises the market with its latest features and capabilities. It provides you with an interface that has a personalized layout with clean typography and animations which brings a whole new look and feel on a variety of systems such as tablets, desktops, Smart phones etc. It also provides an innovative platform to explore and develop next-gen applications with modern sub standards.

With the changing technology and businesses looking for unique and fresh applications, windows makes life simpler and the technological experience in building the applications is a seamless experience. We are one of the early adopters of windows and iFour Technolab is well equipped to serve the market demand on window application development by leveraging resources to its full potential using the windows development tools.

The windows OS is facilitated with applications like Microsoft Outlook, Microsoft Office, Internet Explorer which are widely used on desktop computers these days. This establishes a great compatibility between the mobile and desktop environment, which in return provides smooth integration of applications across the web, desktop and smartphones.

Why “Windows mobile app development”?

There are not one but many reasons to choose windows platform for developing your application. If your business demands a productive application then this is the best platform. Customized application development is there to fulfil all your business objectives and needs.

Some of the excellent features are:

Benefits of Windows app

Windows operating system is more popular as compared to other OS like the MAC, RIM or android etc. Now-a-days more number of companies is focusing on windows application development as now most of the businesses use windows based operating system. Windows applications offer a variety of applications such as excel mobile, power point mobile, word mobile, Microsoft mobile and many more which are widely used across the world. The total cost of ownership is less compared with other application development platforms as windows mobile has worldwide development support that eliminates the cost of development of new software and their integration.

Some of the listed benefits are as follows:

iFour services

iFour Technolab is one of the early adopters of

windows application development

and we have plethora of clients around the globe for whose businesses we have build profitable applications. Our developers are experts in this dynamic platform we follow a reliable programming model with inclusive technical support which helps us to create applications as per our customers’ requirements.

Our Services

Bespoke Windows App development services

iFour offers Windows app development services catering to all industries.

Customization Services

the applications are all customized based on the business needs of the organization.

Application Redesigning

Designs are updated and improved with the dynamic environment and changing business needs.

Social media integration

integrating with different mediums for easy interaction and knowledge exchange.

Intuitive UI/UX design

UI is the user interface for software that focus on maximizing usability and user experience

Location based mobile solutions

services that uses software level service that use location of the data to control the features

Integration Services

iFour services to integrate your business applications to mobile windows app.

Maintenance & Support Services

Technical support, incident based support, installations and updates services etc.

Build and Deploy Apps Services

Application migration

We can transform your intangible ideas into candid solutions that will have the best user experience and will be scalable too. Projects are assigned only to our expert professionals who have ample knowledge in windows application development. We not only study your business but also your competitors to provide you an edge over them.

Our expertise lies in creating impressive applications that offer the best speed and have an unbeatable user experience for the end users. As we follow the best industry practices in windows application development to provide complete customized solution.




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