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VSTO Development Services

In this world of technology, the Office platform right now is not only feature-rich but also easily scalable as a platform. Because of the business needs fulfilled by Microsoft Office, developers nowadays need to expose all functionalities in the systems to have rich experience of Office. Office add-ins are used for extension of functions and alteration of office clients, for example, Microsoft Word, Microsoft Outlook, Microsoft Excel, Microsoft PowerPoint and Office 365. Microsoft supports modification of existing features and creation of new features by using available tools and APIs to VSTO add-in development companies.

There are different types of Office add-ins like (1) functionality extension in PowerPoint, Excel, and Word (2) Creation of new objects in PowerPoint and Excel (3) Extension of functions in outlook add-ins, etc.

In general, there are two main technologies used for developing Office add-ins:

(1) Develop add-in using Office JavaScript API

(2) Develop add-in using Visual Studio Tools for Office(VSTO)

iFour Technolab uses the latest technologies in order to build superior systems for clients. Our professional team is experienced and has got expertise in using the latest tools for providing best solutions in the market. We use VSTO add-ins for developing the best software for clients.

iFour is a leading VSTO development and IT consulting firm of India that helps Clients all over the world by delivering excellent VSTO services to gain the resultant Business solutions beyond the horizons. We also provide document level customization services required for specific documents in the Business projects.

Visual Studio has gained huge importance in the .Net web development platform. It has given great support with extraordinary features for making document-level projects like Windows Forms controls, document-designing and data-binding by drag and drop facility, debugger, etc. Having years of experience, the VSTO service firm has delivered effective solutions to its broad range of clients and fueled many startups with its VSTO Add-in development services.

Putting tremendous efforts with lots of dedication, our Microsoft technology experts can help you meet up your target goals at a rapid pace. Keeping an eye on the cutthroat competition in the market, our cheerful team of VSTO developers always prefer the latest version of VSTO i.e. Office tools for Visual Studio which is integrated with all versions of Microsoft Visual Studio 2017 for project development.

VSTO is a set of development tools that is available in the form of add-in or extension (project templates) and it allows Office 2013 and later versions of Office applications to host the add-in and to expose their functionality via .NET framework.

VSTO allows using functionality and user interface from Office applications in .Net applications as well as provides extensions for Office applications to be written in programming languages.

iFour Technolab is one of the versatile VSTO add-in development company in India having vast experience in developing a wide range of solutions. For VSTO based office development, iFour uses the following templates.

VSTO add-ins:

Whichever features created by the company in VSTO add-ins, are made available to the application itself, irrespective of the documents which are open. Our company builds solutions in such a way that the VSTO add-ins run at a time when the associated application is started, though VSTO add-ins are also be loaded after the application is running already.

iFour team uses numerous tools in order to create VSTO add-ins. In the systems having add-in, a class is already created which represents the VSTO add-ins automatically. This class has events and properties which can be used to access the object model and when the VSTO add-ins are loaded and shut down, code is run in a project. In VSTO add-ins projects at iFour, there are many Visual Studio features available for example an internal debugger and windows forms.

Document level customizations:

Document-level customizations by iFour have an assembly which is associated with a single workbook, template or document in Microsoft Office Excel or Microsoft Office Word. Whenever we open associated document, the assembly is loaded. As well as whichever features are created in customizations, made available when the associated document is open. Because of the customizations application cannot make wider changes, for example, displaying ribbon tab or a new menu when any document is open.

With the help of various tools available in Visual Studio, our team creates document-level customizations. The document which is customized is hosted as a design surface in Visual Studio. It enables us to design the document just by dragging and dropping controls onto it. iFour Technolab is using numerous features available in Visual Studio such as drag and drop data binding, an integrated debugger and Windows forms controls which result in a robust and sustainable solutions for client.

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