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Telerik Hybrid Cross-Platform Mobile App Development Services

Mobiles provide a platform for the businesses to connect with customers, suppliers, and public. Mobile application development is now a major contributor to a company’s competitive advantage and the usage of mobile applications has been growing at a phenomenal rate. This has created a huge opportunity for businesses to strengthen their presence and to stay ahead of the competition. iFour Technolab, a premier mobile application development company in India provides services for native, hybrid and cross-platform mobile application development across various mobile platforms like iOS, Android, and Windows mobile using Telerik AppBuilder.

Why Telerik

The Telerik platform is a mobile application development platform for creating cross-platform apps for iOS, Android and Windows mobile devices. It provides a complete solution for mobile application management across all phases from application creation through application distribution. Telerik AppBuilder tool, an integrated development environment (IDE) has proprietary Telerik APIs for the creation of mobile (native and cross-platform) and web applications.

Telerik APIs allow developers to extend an application across various platforms (without having to implement independently for different platforms using platform-specific languages and tools) with a single unified codebase across multiple device platforms using the AppBuilder IDE. Telerik gives the flexibility of implementing third-party API libraries in the development process. Telerik platform provides the following benefits:

  • Low-cost development and maintenance

    Single codebase and hyper-productive development environment reduce costs significantly on development and implementation without replicating the application for different platforms. It cuts down hardware costs required to target specific mobile platforms.

  • Low-code applications

    With AppBuilder, developers can build applications using a single, reusable, and shared code base. Screen builder tools help the developers to implement applications using pre-built interactive designs from the library and connect it to existing application data.

  • Software as a service

    Telerik platform is available as
    • Microsoft Windows-only desktop client
    • Microsoft Visual Studio extension
    • Command-line interface (CLI for Windows, Mac, and Linux operating systems)

  • Easy integration

    AppBuilder integrates with various UI frameworks like NativeScript, Kendo UI Mobile, Angular, JQuery Mobile, Ionic, etc.

iFour Services

With experience across major industries like Oil and gas industry, Insurance, Construction, Retail, and Travel Industry, iFour develops solutions that meet the most challenging IT problems. By leveraging latest technologies, we help you keep pace with new trends and achieve business excellence. We provide:

Telerik Backend Services

iFour helps you increase the business performance by reducing the time to market by seamlessly integrating the Telerik Backend Services with AppBuilder.

Telerik Analytics

We help you enhance decision-making skills by providing Telerik Application Analytic Service which derives detailed metrics from your application and allows you to track various aspects of your applications across the different platforms.

Telerik AppBuilder Development Services

Shorten your development lifecycle with our highly skilled cross-platform mobile application development team.

Our team of SMEs, technical staff, and techno-commercial experts deliver the mobile application development services and meet customers’ demands with real-time customizations and personalization and provide continuous support throughout the project cost effectively. Here are the benefits of our unique solutions:


Telerik mobile application development team

provides high quality, timely delivered and cost-effective mobile application development services to the clients globally using Telerik AppBuilder. Accelerate your business productivity and improve your competitive edge significantly by reduced costs, efficient operations, and continuous support with our mobile application development outsourcing services.




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