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Kentico Content Management System

Kentico CMS is a very rich and powerful web content management system for building and managing websites, online stores and community websites. Kentico CMS is an enterprise ready CMS which allows to create corporate and personal websites with great ease. It comes with a lot of descriptions and tips that makes it really easy to use. It also saves a lot of unnecessary resources and prevents time wastage and supports document management, mobile websites, SEO, multisite management, online marketing tools and multilingual websites. iFour Technolab, a leading Kentico CMS software company in India helps the clients in creating innovative and interactive websites. Kentico CMS is a standard ASP.NET 3.5 SP1 application written in C#. It can be used in any ASP.NET 3.5 SP1 server without any complication. Kentico CMS Offers following benefits and features.

Kentico configures a lot of features of any website, including:

Kentico allows the feature of Multilingual Content. Having a global exposure is very important and Kentico helps to translate a website into many languages to help the business grow in new markets. It supports a number of languages to easily manage websites. Some languages that Kentico supports are: Chinese, Russian, Hebrew, Arabic and Eastern European languages. This feature also makes it possible for every site in a different language to have a different structure.

Web Analytics in today’s world is a very essential part of running any online business and building a good marketing strategy. It gives information about customers, their behavior and how well are they responding to the website. It works in the background collecting information regarding the number of page views of each customer and hence finds out his/her preferences based on the frequencies of page visits.

iFour Technolab has partnered with Kentico Software to work with corporates by providing them with various solutions that they require for managing their websites and portals using Kentico CMS. iFour Technolab provides following services.

iFour Technolab, an

outstanding Kentico CMS software company

and a Kentico Partner and has skilled resources meeting customer needs and requirements. We provide a holistic approach to serve our customers to decide the right CMS solution and to apply it in the live environment. We consider customer environment to decide and choose the right CMS Solution. We help customers leverage the potential of Kentico CMS for corporates and personal use.




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