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DNN (DotNetNuke) Software and Website Development Services

DNN (DotNetNuke) is an open source Microsoft .Net based web content management system. DotNetNuke uses a three-tier architecture model, having a core framework which provides support to the extensible modular structure. Recent projects are focussing to enhance client side experiences compared to traditional DNN which focuses on providing server side functionality. In recent times DNN migrated from using particular web forms to also allowing Single page application and Model View Controller architectures.

Why DNN?

Here are some key benefits of moving to DNN.

iFour services

iFour Technolab, a versatile DNN software developing company in India provides custom solutions for its clients in numerous sectors. iFour develops web design as well as web apps, which can be tweaked to handover what customer wants from secure payment systems to fully CRM integrated customized web forms. As DNN deploys from within user’s browser too, there is no more of back and forth.

iFour Technolab build modules for users, for example picture slider, pop up notifications, module for FAQ, graphical presentation of data for specific period of time, contact module, online voting pole, etc. Each module is developed in customized way which can fit the business requirements of client. These are the modules which fasten the communication among the users in community and provide a platform from where all needy user can accomplish business targets in limited duration.

DNN website development

iFour Technolab specializes in creating custom designed DNN skins for the clients’ businesses. We understand your business processes and create templates to build your brand and improve customer base.

DNN theme design and development

According to your business requirements, our DNN development team starts with basic designs and wireframes. Upon approval, we build necessary designs and containers which brings your website to extraordinary level.

DNN module development

We aim in making our customers enjoy the benefits of this extraordinary platform. With our proficiency, we provide our clients high end modules which are powerful, robust and efficient.

DNN upgradation and migration

We help our clients to migrate from their existing platform to latest DNN version smoothly.

Our services include:

Using flexibility of web solutions by DNN, engineers and developers of iFour Technolab fulfil all the design requirements given by clients. Our team provides custom-made services for clients across various domains in order to expand their business. Being one of the leading DNN software developing companies in India, we not only provide solutions to our clients but also maintain good relationship for a longer time.




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